Luke Walton Net Worth

Who is Luke Walton and what is his net worth 2018? Luke Theodore Walton, better known as Luke Walton is a retired basketball player. He is currently the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. As a basketball player, he had a very successful career. He has also worked as the assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors. He is known for his hard-working and reserved personality. Apart from that, Walton has also worked in a broadcasting team. He is known as a family loving person.

Luke Walson is the son of the famous basketball player, Bill Walton. Bill Walton is a former UCLA player and was also inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. Bill Walton named his son after one of his closest friend, Maurice Lucas. Luke Walton has three brothers- Chris, Adam, and Nathan. Luke is fond of his brothers.

Luke Walton Net Worth 2018-2019

In fact, he has them inked on his arm representing him and his three brothers. He finished his graduation the year 1998 from the University of San Diego High School in California. After that, he completed his college degree in Family Studies and Human Development in the year 2003 from the University of Arizona.

Luke Walton had a successful career as a basketball player while he was at college. He performed his best in the junior year. He was coached by Lute Olson. Right after college, Walton was selected to play for the Los Angeles Lakers in the same year. He also represented his team, Los Angeles in the Shooting Stars Competition during the All-Star Weekend in the year 2005.

During his time at the team, he achieved his milestone in 2006-2007 when he scored 25 points playing against the Atlanta Hawks. Right after that season, the Los Angeles Lakers signed Walton for a six-year contract amounting to a whopping USD $30 million. He won two championships during that period. Those nine years in the team were the golden days of his career. He remained the most favourite player during that tenure.

His coaching career started in 2011 after he was hired as an assistant coach at the University of Memphis. He has also remained a player development coach in the NBA Development League. He became an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors from 2014-2016. Under his coaching, the team won many games and Walton was awarded one more championship as a player and the first championship as a coach.

In the season of 2015-16, he was selected as the interim head coach of Golden State Warriors after the head coach took a leave. Under his coaching, he created NBA records and gained much success. Finally, in April 2016, Walton was selected as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers after the 2016 NBA Finals.

Luke Walton also did broadcasting in the Lakers on-air broadcasting team in 2013.

Luke Walton Net Worth

The net worth of Luke Walton is estimated at $18 million. He earned so much money due to his successful career in sports. Apart from being a successful player, he has also accumulated huge fortune as a coach.

Luke Walton is an inspiration for young players and he will continue to do so in the coming years.