John Wall Net Worth

Who is John Wall? What is net worth of John Wall? Jonathan Hildred Wall Jr, more popularly known as John Wall today, has had to struggle for everything that he has achieved so far. He was born on the 6th of September, 1990 to Frances and John Wall Sr. in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was his mother, Frances, upon whom the responsibility of grooming John and his sister’s Cierra and Tonya fell. John Wall Sr. spent most of his time in jail and soon after being released he succumbed to liver cancer.

Despite spending very limited time with his father, his loss triggered a wild-set of emotions in young John, who was just eight years old when his father died. The boy, angered with the world, let out of his frustration openly in various acts of violences. In fact, this situation of his got to such a bad state that it even threatened to derail him from his sporting ambitions.

John Wall Net Worth 2017-2018

John grew up to be a strong and athletic kid, who was good at both: football and basketball. Once he met the Clifton brothers, his life took a turn for the better. The brothers gave him an opportunity and he took it. Soon, he was known nationwide for his skills as a point guard and his mother, Frances, identifying this, ensured that he took no more part in football and focussed full-time on basketball.

That same boy today, is the talismanic point-guard of the Washington Wizards. In 2010 NBA Draft, Washington signed him up as the very first pick of the draft. In less than a decade, he has mopped up four call ups to the NBA All Star Team. Although he is extremely adept at distributing the ball across the court, in 2015 he was part of the NBA Defensive Team of the Year.

Education: During his early years, John’s mother, Frances had to struggle to make ends meet. She took up multiple jobs to ensure that her children get a college education. And she was successful. Before going to college John studied in Garner Magnet and Word of God high schools. By the time he was studying in Word of God, his attitude and his basketball skills were positively improving. By the time he reached his fifth year in Word of God, he had developed such a big reputation for himself that he was deemed to be one of the best players at the college level in the entire country.

In fact, he was expected to be part of the NBA draft the very same year, in 2009 when he was just eighteen years old. Instead, he chose to attend college at the University of Kentucky. There were a lot of well-distinguished colleges that wanted him but he ended up going to Kentucky. At his first season at college-level basketball he notched up an average of approximately 6 assists per game and 16+ points per game. This was enough for him as next year itself, in the 2010 NBA Draft he was picked up by the Washington Wizards as the first pick.

John Wall Net Worth

John Wall has an estimated net worth of $24 million US dollars as of 2017. That’s quite remarkable for an athlete still so young. He has a lot of years to come before him and who knows by the end of his playing career what his net worth will be like. We can’t cater to the future but we can tell you about his net worth today. Out of the $24 million, more than half of it is down to his salary.

John Wall Assets

There is one very big upgrade in John’s life after stardom. That’s his house, more like mansion. $4.9 Million. That’s how much this eight bedroom mansion in Potomac costed him. It’s in this beautiful house that he lives along with his mother and two sisters. Apart from his six garages on offer, two are occupied. One by a red Bentley, another by a white Porsche.

John Wall Business Model

His work is basketball and only basketball. Almost all of the money that he makes or has made, has come in the form of salary from playing basketball. When compared to other sportspeople, or even basketballers, he doesn’t earn too much through his endorsements and sponsorships. At the end of the day he falls back upon the money that he’s earned by playing basketball and it’s simple as that.

In terms of his basketballing prowess, John Wall hasn’t looked ever looked better. In the last year, he along with his team-mate, Bradley Beal, had one their most impressive seasons in the NBA up-to-date. But of course, the boy who isn’t altogether new to having to take an early shower, in the match against the Boston Celtics early this January, he was fined $15,000 for an altercation with Jae Crowder.