Greg Oden Net Worth

Who is Greg Oden and what is his net worth 2018? Gregory Oden is an American basketball player. He last played for Jiangsu Dragons, a Chinese Basketball Association. He is known for his unbeatable basketball game. He is a very talented player also he was selected first in overall NBA draft. More information about this player like his biography, personal Life, career and net worth are mentioned below in this article.

Gregory Wayne Oden Jr. is a former basketball player. He was born on 22nd January, 1988. He was born in Buffalo, New York. At the age of nine in year 1997, Orden and his family moved to Terre Haute, Indiana. He was considered one of the best basketball players in his time. He has many records under his name. Greg played for his school team and made them win various inter university competitions. He was considered as one of the most prominent players of his team. He has not lost any match in his home town. Greg holds a prestigious image all over Buffalo.

Greg Oden Net Worth

He presently lives in Buffalo, New York. He played basketball for around 10 years. He started his career as a basketball player in year 2006. He played firstly for his school at Ohio State University also he got selected first in the NBA draft amongst all draftees in the team.

Greg Oden got injured in the starting period of his career, he had surgery on his right wrist. He had a girlfriend few years ago, but due to some controversy they broke up and now Oden is single. He is currently manager for a school level basketball team at Ohio State men’s basketball still he is ready to play basketball whenever opportunity knocks his door.

Greg is a manager at Ohio State University college basketball championship in NCAA Division I. He has played basketball for around 10 years continuously from 2007 to 2016. He loves this game. He has an unbeaten record of not loosing a single basketball match in his hometown and he has been appreciated for the same by getting selected as the first pick in the NBA draft also he was first new player since 1990, to get voted for the All-American First Team.

He suffered several injuries during his active basketball career. He got a hairline fracture in his right knee cap, his wrist got injured thus for recovering health he had to miss several seasons, after his comeback he played with Golden State Warriors, during that match in 2009 he again got injury over his left knee.

The recovery from this injury made Oden miss three more seasons. Resources claim that during his recovery period many teams wanted to sign Oden as he was a great player. Almost every time Greg played any NBA season he suffered some or other injuries, thus most time of his active career went under microfracture surgeries, recovering injuries.

Greg Oden appears aggressive on the basketball court similar is he in his personal life. He normally deals cool with people around him but when someone outrages him, he looses his temperament. This can be verified by the event Greg punched his ex-girlfriend on her face between a conversation.

He was found guilty and was charged with battery for this offence. Greg saved himself from imprisonment by pleading about his bodily injuries, thus the Court dropped his other three charges and imposed him a probation period and counselling along with this he was ordered to pay fine for his misbehaviour.

Greg Oden Net Worth

Greg’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million. He earned mostly by signing different seasons for leading basketball teams. His salary when he was with Portland Trail Blazers was around $4,662,000 dollars and he was in different contracts with the same for four years i.e. from 2007 to 2011. Then the Miami Heat signed him up for around one year and they paid him around $1,207,000 dollars as salary as approximately same as the contract signing amount. Now he is a manager for a school basketball team and earns a decent salary.

Greg Oden was an excellent basketball player also he got several opportunities to play because of his talent but the main speed-breaker to his success were his frequent injuries. Around half of his active career went on getting recovered from the previous injuries and as soon as he played he got some or other injury. Thus he missed several seasons of the game, even after signing with the teams also he missed opportunities to play with other teams who wished to sign him. Despite of all the troughs and crests he experienced in his career he is considered a prominent basketball player.