Elena Delle Donne Net Worth

Who is Elena Delle Donne? What is net worth of Elena Delle Donne? There are people ready to give anything to become tall. Some have the natural ability to stand high and tower over the others. Elena Delle Donne, an American basketball player belongs to the latter category.

Born on 05 September 1989 to exceptionally tall parents, Elena was the target of ridicule wherever she went. When she was just three years old, she was as tall as an eight-year-old child should be. By the time she was in the eighth grade, she touched 6 feet. Her doctor suggested giving medicines to stunt her growth but her mother refused to interfere with her natural growth. In hindsight, she was right.

Elena Delle Donne Net Worth 2017-2018

Being extremely tall can be frustrating. However, the height gives you an opportunity to succeed in sports such as basketball and volleyball. Basketball is a very popular game in the US. Therefore, it was a matter of time before she took the decision to pursue basketball as her career.

She excelled in this sport at the school level before graduating to play in the WNBA. She was a good player but injury prone at the same time. She had the habit of picking up some injury or the other at crucial times. If it was not an injury, she sat out matches because of a resurgence of the Lyme disease. In short, she spent more time on the benches rather than on the court. However, whenever she stepped on to the court, she was electrifying. She has played her role to perfection in many a win for the American national team. She holds a WNBA record as well having netted 19 consecutive free throws.

Though injury kept her out of many crucial games, she was part of the US gold medal winning team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Many WNBA players play in leagues overseas. Elena has distanced herself from this activity because she has to take care of her older sister, suffering from autism.

On the personal front, she is the youngest of three children of Ernie, a real estate developer, and Joanie. Her elder sister is suffering from cerebral palsy whereas her older brother is presently assisting his father in the real estate business. On the health front, she is a victim of the Lyme disease and hence has to take around 50 supplements everyday to maintain her health and fitness. On matters regarding her sexuality, she has admitted that she is a lesbian because of her close relationship with girlfriend Amanda Clifton.

Education: Elena had a good education because of her sports background. Her height came to her advantage. She studied at the Urusline Academy, Wilmington, Delaware leading the school team to three consecutive State Championship titles. She holds the national record for having netted 80 consecutive free throws. Her performances at the school level fetched a basketball scholarship from the University of Connecticut. However, she could not bear living away from her sister. Therefore, she chose not to accept the scholarship. Instead, she enrolled at the University of Delaware.

Elena Delle Donne Net Worth

She has a net worth of $0.5 million US dollars as of 2017. She is active in this sport right since the days of her school and college. This figure might be low if you compare other professional basketball players because she does not play in the lucrative overseas leagues. She has a responsibility of taking care of her elder sister. She has her share of endorsements as well.

Elena Delle Donne Assets:

Her greatest asset is her height. This has fetched her fame and fortune. She considers her sister as her most productive asset. She cannot bear to live without her. Hence, she spurned the scholarship as well as chances to play in the overseas leagues. As far as material assets are concerned, you can expect her to have all of them.

Elena Delle Donne Business Model:

One can expect a woman as tall as Elena to play basketball. This is one of the most popular sports in the US. Moreover, Elena is a key member of the US WNBA team. This fetched her many endorsement deals such as Nike, Du Pont, Wasserman Media Group, and Octagon. She has the distinction of being the Special Olympics Global Ambassador in 2014.

She is still active on the WNBA scene. She is just about 27 years of age. Maybe, she can continue the sport for a year or two before hanging up her boots.

You have just seen than having an abnormal height can also work out to your advantage. Elena has made the best use of her height and raked in thousands of dollars as her net worth. It is heartening to note that she exhibits great family values by taking care of her elder sister, Lizzie. One can only say that Lizzie is lucky to have Elena as her caretaker.