Dominique Wilkins Net Worth

Dominique Wilkins of age 57 is familiar as an American based retired basketball player who mainly played for the Atlanta Hawks of NBA. This player was NBA All-Star for nine times, and he is also extensively regarded as one among the greatest dunkers ever in history of NBA, receiving a nickname -The Human Highlight Film. His fame increased in year 2006 after he was instated into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Basketball is the career that facilitated the net worth of Dominique Wilkins to rise, get further details below:

Paris, located in France is the place where Wilkins was born. After his birth, his father got posted there in form of an airman inside U.S. Air Force. His family was later relocated to Dallas as well as Baltimore prior getting settled in Washington, located in North Carolina, wherein he appeared in high school.

Dominique Wilkins Net Worth 2017-2018

Moreover, he served as back-to-back MVP chiefly for the squad’s successive Class 3-A State Championships (from period of 1978 till 1979). He was included in “Faces in the Crowd” subdivision of Sports Illustrated when studying in high school on account of performance made in a game against a higher grouping school wherein he has scored total 48 points, 27 rebounds, 8 block and 9 dunks.

It is known that he has left college after completing junior year and got nominated as third overall by the Utah Jazz during year 1982 based NBA draft. The player is identified for his dunking capability, which received him the nickname i.e. “The Human Highlight Film”.

Cash flow glitches inside the Utah Jazz association, accompanied with reluctance of Wilkins to play along the Jazz, directed to his job to the Atlanta Hawks. This was after some months of draft for Freeman Williams, John Drew, as well as $1 million in form of cash.

Notwithstanding reluctance of Wilkins to play inside Utah, the job is presently regarded among the greatest uneven contracts ever in history of NBA, because Williams and Drew will play a joint four seasons mainly for the Jazz.

By the exclusion of his rookie season as well as his past three NBA based seasons, this player never made average lesser than 20 points in each game and attained a scoring title during 1985 till 1986 by an average 30.3 points in each game.

Other than his eleven seasons played with the Hawks, Wilkins had short periods with the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Clippers, Panathinaikos Athens (known as a formal team in top-tier level by Greece i.e. Greek Basket League, along with whom he has win his leading titles, the Greek Cup and the FIBA European League), Fortitudo Bologna (known as a formal team in top-tier level by Italy i.e. LBA), the Orlando Magic and the San Antonio Spurs, prior taking retirement in year 1999.

How much is Dominique Wilkins Net worth in 2017

Presently known as a retired professional basketball player, Dominique Wilkins holds a net worth of $15 million US dollars as of 2017. This player was presented in Sports Illustrated during studies in high school and was featured in high school platform games like the McDonald’s Game. His wealth is high because during NBA career, the player was a NBA All Star for nine times.

He has beaten Michael Jordan during year 1985 based NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The player too won that competition during year 1990. After taking retirement, the player worked to serve in position of the Hawks’ Vice President of Basketball, and also working as a color analyst. It is known that his business ventures comprise the Dominque Wilkins Basketball Academy, as well as a private wine brand.

It is known that nickname of Dominique Wilkins was “The Human Highlight Film” on account of his athletic capacity as well as highlight reel steeps. The player’s symbolic dunk was an influential one- or two-handed windmill, dunks which he utilised to attain win in the slam dunk contest titles during 1985 as well as 1990.