Damian Lillard Net Worth

With an approximate net worth of more than $11 million USD in the year 2017, Damian Lillard is amongst the most talented professional basketball player in America. He is currently serving for Team Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He started playing basketball from his schooling and became a star player at college time. He used to play in Point guard position during basketball matches.

Born and grew up in Oakland, California, on 15 July 1990, Damian Lillard is an American professional basketball player, who loves to hip-hop and have hobby as rapper. He is also famous on social media platforms due to his amazing fans following. Lillard attended high schooling from St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda, California). Later, in 2008, enrolled in Weber State, where he completed his graduation in the field of professional Sales in 2012.

Damian Lillard Net Worth 2017-2018

Just after that, he started professional career in basketball due to his school age interest in basketball. Lillard used to wear a jersey number “O” because of his journey from Oakland, to Ogden, and now Oregon. He is too much active in social media site such as Instagram where he post hip hop and rapping videos small version on each Friday under the hash tag #4BarFriday. He also has a famous signature shoe line said to be the “Adidas Dame”.

With mind-blowing basketball playing technique, Damian Lillard is one of the top of the line young future star in American professional basketball. He started playing basketball from his school age and while attending college his basketball skills is at the peak level, where he used to play college level basketball.

After completing graduation in 2012, he joined professional basketball team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) named Portland Trail Blazers and currently serving for this team only. He started playing in the point guard position (a term in basketball). Due to his awesome performance in 2012, his rookie scale contract extended with Portland Trail Blazers. Again in 2015, he signed a five-year term, contract extension at $120 million USD which is a hype point for his career.

Moreover, Lillard is having hobbies such as hip hoping and rapping in music songs due to which in 2016, he unveiled his debut album “The Letter O” and due to huge response from fans later in 2017, he released his second album “Confirmed”, which also get enough popularity amongst his fans.

In 2013, Damian Lillard was named the recipient of NBA Rookie of the Year Award. And NBA All-Rookie Team as well. In 2017, Lillard also got the Magic Johnson Award for the 2016–17 season, due to his best excellence on the basketball court with cooperation as well as dignity in dealing with the media and the public.

How much is Damian Lillard Net Worth in 2017

With an awesome professional skills, Damian Lillard achieved lots of success in his small career. He got all his net worth from his contract with his team Portland Trail Blazers and also his hobby in rapping also contribute in increasing his net worth. His net worth is more than $11 million USD in 2017, which is an hefty amount of this young age guy.

Damian Lillard is currently only 27 years of age, and he has lots of things to do in his future professional career. We wish him to gain more success in upcoming events of his life and God bless him in his forthcoming endeavors.