Chris Paul Net Worth

Who is Chris Paul? What is net worth of Chris Paul? “Keep practicing. Never let anyone tell you, you are too small or too slow.” -Chris Paul. During his childhood Christopher Emmanuel Paul, wasn’t a basketballer, let alone a point-guard. His sporting experience started of with football. Thankfully, however, later on he began following the lead of his elder brother, C.J Paul, and got into basketball. In the year 1985 he was born into perhaps, the right family if something like that exists. Charles Edward Paul, his father, played a huge impact on him while he was growing up.

A former professional athlete himself, he played the role of a coach. But he was more than a coach, a mentor too. There was another important man in Paul’s life. He referred to this man as Papa Chilly. This was his mother, Robin Jones’s father, Nathaniel Jones.

Chris Paul Net Worth 2017-2018

The 6ft tall, L.A Clippers point guard is now one of the best players in the NBA, not only in his position but as a whole, also. But that’s not how it all started. When he starting playing basketball, he wasn’t very tall. But this shortcoming eventually faded and his intelligence and speed grabbed a lot of attention. In the end, he ended up choosing Wake Forest University. At Wake Forest he ended up further enhancing his reputation. Some experts even went on label him as the ‘Nation’s best freshman player’.

He next made the jump to the NBA in 2005. New Orlean Hornets grabbed him at the NBA draft of that year and he didn’t disappoint. Later on that season, he was named the Rookie of the Year, a considerable milestone in every great’s career. In 2011, when he joined the L.A Clippers, it was considered to be a turning point in the team’s recent history. Under his leadership, they cemented their birth in the playoffs, year-after-year. Since then, until now, he has won a number of awards. Six-time NBA Steals leader, Four-time NBA assist leader and a constant figure in the All-Star NBA Team, are his most noteworthy achievements. He is married to Jada Crawley and has two sons.

Education: Every basketball in his college days wants to go to a college where he can make an impression and get a chance to get himself on the NBA Draft. Chris Paul, was no different. Before declining a number of colleges and going to Wake Forest University, Paul studied in West Forsyth High School. Even there, he starred for their junior team. It was in fact, his performances for West Forsyth High School’s junior team that served as a perfect launchpad for his career. His college team, Wake Forest University, in the year 2011, retired the jersey number that he wore while playing for them. Such was his impact!

Chris Paul Net Worth

Chris Paul has an estimated net worth of $115 million US dollars as of 2017. Chris Paul is one of the richest athletes in the world and not just in basketball. Most of the money that he has made comes out of his salary and endorsements with a number of big companies, Nike being the biggest. According to Forbes, he stands 37th on the list of the World’s Highest Paid Athletes (2016).

Salary and Winnings: 21.5 million (approx)
Sponsorships: 8 million (approx)

Chris Paul Assets

Chris lives life as he should be living it, at least that’s what it looks like when you look at his assets. In the year 2011, he purchased a mansion with Mediterranean architectural roots from famous artist, Avril Lavigne, for an astounding amount of $8.5 million. Being a father of two and the main man of the family,

He has bought himself a car in which all can fit without much to compromise. Smart off-the field as well. It’s a white coloured Jeep, that costed him $70,000.

Chris Paul Business Model

Following a traditional athlete’s business model, Chris has two main sources of income. One, salary and the other, sponsorships. The breakdown of how they contribute to his total net worth is given above.

Chris Paul, again for the ninth-time in his career was voted as one of the starters for the All Star Game, that’s scheduled to take place in February, 2017. Although, it’s only been five years since he bought the mansion that he is living in, he has already put it up for sale, asking for $10.25 million.

Chris Paul has come a long way from where he began his career. He is and has been, with a doubt, one of the best point guards in the NBA. A great ball handler and an even better passer, it’s only his team mates who really know how valuable a player he is. One only wishes he somehow, manages to win a ring before he retires. If not, he is still a future hall of farmer, no doubt.