Ben Tankard Net Worth

Who is Ben Tankard? What is net worth of Ben Tankard? Tragedy can spin a life in unknown direction. This same incident happened with a great artist Ben Tankard – known as the Godfather of the Gospel Jazz Scene. One of the scariest tragedies of Ben Tankard was to give birth to a new Artist from a severely injured basket Ball Player. For the livelier, soulful and classy artistry, Ben got entitled for Stellar, Dove and Grammy Awards. Not only this, he got Universal Music Label and earned gold and platinum records. He was always in the news and is considered as a trendsetter.

Ben Tankard is a Basketball player by profession from America who was born and brought up in Canada. Ben completed his faith studies in Rhema Bible College and Crenshaw Christian Center School Of Ministry; He completed the degree of honorary Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College. Also, he is the member of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. But things changed and he took up to multiple profession in different stages of his life.

Ben Tankard Net Worth 2017-2018

Ben is married to Jewel LaGreen. Ben is having five children and one grand child as well. Jewel herself owns a fashion online store. He lives with his family in a luxurious mansion which is his esteemed property.

Ben Tankard Net Worth

Ben Tankard has net worth estimating at $13 Million US dollars as of 2017. Ben’s source of income has been through various endeavors. Ben has been a former Basketball player. He is a songwriter, pastor and producer as well. His show on Bravo Television focusing on His family and life and was accepted well by the audiences.

He had 19 studio albums released with more than 2 million records sold worldwide. Apart from this, he has his own fashion Suit line especially for tall and big men. All of this profession over his 30 years of career span has earned him huge fortunes. Ben Tankard is an excellent Basketball player, but he had left this game because of his knee injury. Then he turned to his new love Music. He discovered his gift of God to play jazz piano in a church and has never taken piano music lessons.

Ben Tankard Assets

Even though he tasted failure initially, but with great courage he managed to stand on his own feet. Ben now owns $1,320,000 worth Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in US. He is a great fan of cars. His car collection is very unique and huge. He possesses two hummer cars costing $32,000 USD each; awesome MXT Truck RXT luxury consumer truck costing $90,000, one BMW bike S1000 XR, a Golf car, two Mercedes SUVs and a stylish truck.

He just loves to ride on yellow. His, each asset have yellow shading depicting his craziness for yellow color. He also owns airplanes and flies by own self to all his concerts and appearances in the year. His airplanes are – Cessna 421C worth $289,000 USD and A 43220D costing 300000 USD. He leads a very luxurious life.

Ben Tankard Business Model

He got the nickname “Quincy Jones of Gospel Music” because of ravishing successful business years. He and his wife Jewel donated their time to the Destiny Center Church as Non-Salary Senior Reverend. Tankard and Shirley Mudock recently received an RIAA Gold award for their Wow Gospel 2006. He has been a BMI writer for over 25 years. His covenant with the Lionel Richie song “Jesus is Love” has been the most played song on the Sirius XM Radio Gospel channel for ten years. In 1990, with Ben’s label, Benjamin’s Grammy award winning music was launched.

He now focuses on his family. Apart from appearing on reality show, Thicker than water, he does concerts, had launched a self-help book and still produces music. He has his own suit line which he wears on his concert as well. He is at very happy phase going by personal as well professional life.

Tankard was the first artist to imbibe, complete instrumental albums to a mixture of gospel and jazz, known as the term “Gospel Jazz”. He is also a Christian Teacher who teaches about God. He is one versatile man who had success in various genres like Jazz keyboardist producer, author, recording artist and songwriter. He has recorded 250 songs. He is also a motivational speaker for the National Basketball Association D-League. He has also played a co-star in a reality television with the Bravo in his show Thicker than Water. He gives more than 100 appearances in a year and does concert as well.

He is also known as an Industry trailblazer, has owned his own record production company for twenty-five years. His Musical accomplishment has earned Three Grammy nominations, eleven Dove awards nominations, and 14 Stellar Awards, including 2010’s “Best instrumental Album”. In 2011, Tankard was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for Musical Excellence as an artist, producer and songwriter by the Atlanta Gospel-Fest.

With a span of three decades of outstanding musical career, he got entitled as “Godfather of Gospel Jazz”. After the two successful season of Thicker than water: The Tankards was back with third season last year. He also released a self-help book named The Full tank Life: Fuel your dreams Ignite your destiny. He endorses Robert Graham’s fashion brand and gained licensed private pilot to fly to his own concerts.

Ben Tankard being an inspiration for the viewers is a role model for billions. In spite of being discouraged from his earlier life, he had taken a totally unique challenge to victory and became quite successful. By boosting the confidence and empowering the readers with encouraging words, Ben holds a special place in the hearts of his audience. Everyone gets inspired from his own story that one should not lose hope and should raise the courage to the end because if one door closes, then another door is on the way to be opened for you.