Ryan Howard Net Worth

Who is Ryan Howard and what is his net worth 2018? Birth name, Ryan James Howard, nicknamed ‘Big piece’ is known for playing official baseball for America precisely Philadelphia Phillies. Born in St.Louis, Missouri on 19th November 1978, this 108kg athlete started his career in high school and known for his attacking and deadly performance on the field of baseball.

He went to Lafayette high school in Wildwood, Missouri where he played baseball and other sports. During college years of 1998 to 2001, in Missouri state university, he became widely popular for his renowned gaming style and extraordinary performance.

Ryan Howard Net Worth

After becoming widely popular for his bowling style this baseman was got the place in the 5th round 2001 draft. 2006 was the year when he really earned the reputation of high-profile baseball player when he was awarded by sports news 2006 player of the year on 10th October and on 25th of October, he was awarded by NL Hank Aaron Award cementing his place and skyrocketing his net worth.

Currently, he is one of the most imperative entities of Philadelphia Phillies. The most remarkable, in 2010, he signed whopping $125 million US dollars contract for five years with Phillies making him first baseman signing that expensive contract in the world. Being the most valued player in NL, Ryan has made millions of dollars and having the salary in multi-millions. So let’s get through his personal life & his net worth.

This world famous baseman is the son of father Ron Howard and Mother Cheryl Howard and he has a twin brother and older brother and sister. He is the most valuable player in baseball leagues and priced highest during the years 2010-2016. When it comes to his love life, he is married to beautiful spouse name Krystal Campbell.

The couple made in heaven, they both have sighted much time public together. Moreover, he had no affair either in his early life nor now making him great loyal and trustworthy husband and The lovely couple has also children name Darian Alexander Howard. They are living now in his Florida mansion in Miami.

Ryan Howard Net Worth

After signing a $125 million US dollar contract with Philadelphia Phillies, he became the most expensive baseball player in the world and made his annual salary of staggering $20 million that even Hollywood celebrities won’t get close to him. Ryan’s estimated net worth is more than $175 million.

In the year 2013-14, he made $25.7 million USD from Phillies for his mind-boggling performance in leagues. He made another $25.5 million in the year 2015. His extraordinary performance and unique bowling style cementing his place as a professional baseball player in United states. Though his net worth includes all of his mortgage and other properties, auto and motorcycle collection, private jets, and Yachts.

Having multi-millions in the pocket, being most expensive baseman in United states, there is something extraordinary you could expect from his personal motorcycle and auto collection along with private jets and personal Yachts. Sadly, there is no information available about his auto collection and motorcycles as well. He sighted driving SUVs many times making him pick up passionate. He does not have any private jet and the personal yacht.

His mansion in Florida, Miami where he stays with his beautiful spouse, beautiful name Krystal Campbell and a son Darian Alexander has worth more than $5.8 million. According to the report of Tampa bay time, his Florida mansion has A swimming pool complete with an underwater treadmill, eight bedrooms, at least 10 baths, a two-story library, a trophy room, two kitchens, three laundry rooms, two elevators, a wine room and a bowling alley. Surprising thing is that the doorknobs for this mansion alone cost hefty $88,00 as Tampa bay times reported.

He is not officially associated with any business. But he surely makes millions by endorsing the brands like Subway, Verizon, Topps, and Adidas.

Ryan is spending most of his time practising baseball with other team player of Phillies, along with endorsing the brands . Moreover, he has sighted spending his time with his family during many parties, out goings. His manager though forcing Phillies to increase his annual salary as he is holding golden position in Phillies.

This 6 feet 6-inch scorpion, known as Big piece known for his various performance on the baseball field and earned the high-profile reputation as an athlete in the United States and currently playing baseball as baseman for Phillies of Philadelphia. An inspiration and Idol for all baseball enthusiast across the globe.