Matt Kemp Net Worth

Who is Matt Kemp? What is net worth of Matt Kemp? American professional baseball player Matt Kemp plays for Atlanta Braves, which is a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB). He plays in the team from the position of an outfielder. His career started when he was a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization in the year 2003. He then became a part of the team from the year 2006 – 2014.

In the year 2015, he moved to playing with San Diego Padres, and continued playing with them till the year 2016. In his career he has been recommended for two all star teams, and has also been a winner of Gold Glove Awards, twice in his career, along with two Silver Slugger Awards.

Matt Kemp Net Worth 2017-2018

Born as Mathew Ryan Kemp, he later became Matt Kemp. The baseball player was born in the year 1984, on 23rd of September, in Oklahoma. His parents Carl Kemp and Judy Handerson were not married. Matt was raised by his mother and grandmother, in the city of Oklahoma. His mother was a nurse and had another child when Matt was 13, sadly the baby died at a very young age, due to premature birth.

Before dating pop singer Rihanna in the year 2009, his ex – girlfriend, with whom he broke up in 2008, accused him of abusing her, and filed a restraining order against the player. He soon broke up with Rihanna as well and purportedly dated Khloe Kardashian. He later dated Nchimunya Wulf, who was rumored to be pregnant with his child.

Education: Since he was raised in Oklahoma by his mother, Matt went to Mid West City High school, in Oklahoma itself. Soon he became popular among students, due to his excellent baseball, and basketball playing skills and capabilities. During his school days, he was not only active in baseball, but also in basket ball, which is probably the reason behind a massive height of 6.4.

Sheldon Williams was one of his teammates, when he was a part of the varsity basketball team. The team won the title of the State, twice in a row. It also went on to become third in the nation, and Matt was a part of the All – City selection, as he could manage to get an average of 20 points per game.

During a high school all star basket ball championship, Kemp along with a few of his teammates were accused of rape, by a 19 year old girl. This happened in the year 2002, when the tournament was happening in the Ohio Hyatt Hotel. The players did not suffer much; expect temporary suspension, during the investigation. This was primarily because the victim didn’t press any charges against them, and they were set free due to lack of evidence.

Matt Kemp Net Worth

Matt Kemp is one of the elite athletes from the United States of America. In a career spanning over a decade, he has managed to create a net worth of around $60 million US dollars as of 2017. And his annual salary is around $20 million. Apart from earning through his annual salary, Matt also earns a lot of money through endorsements. He is also into philanthropy and does a lot of charity for kids; there is a whole community of kids helped by him, which goes by the name ‘Kemps Kids’. One of his projects undertaken in 2008 – 09, involved sponsoring children to enable them to watch games in Dodgers stadium.

In the year 2011, Kemp signed an eight year long deal with Los Angeles Dodgers, for $160 million, this made him one of the biggest baseball stars in the country that time. In the list of the World’s highest paid athletes, from the year 2016, Matt occupies the 91 st spot.

Matt Kemp Assets

One of the greatest asset with the baseball player is his Poway Mansion, which not only has a swimming pool and a baseball court, but also a cigar lounge with humidor, a wine cellar along with tasting room, and a separate section of the house that has been designed to be used as a spa and gym.

Currently playing for Atlanta Braves, Matt Kemp has reportedly put his beautiful Poway Mansion on sale, after spending a lot more money on its renovation. Trending news about Kemp a little while ago had been about his weight loss, and his reducing waist size.

Matt continues to be one of the best playing outfielder for the Braves, they certainly consider him as one of the greatest, and have lots of hope tied on him. We can only hope to see more of his great performances, which are not only good for the team, but also for his fans.