Masahiro Tanaka Net Worth

Who is Masahiro Tanaka? What is net worth of Masahiro Tanaka? Masahiro Tanaka is a Japanese baseball pitcher currently playing for the New York Yankees. He was born on 1st November 1988 in a small town of Japan called Itami. Tanaka started as a catcher from the first grade itself and played for his school team Koyanosato Tigers for the first time. He led his high school team to the 87th National High School Tournament and performed outstandingly, but unfortunately they were not good enough to win. He further led his high school Komadai Tomakomai High school team even as a junior.

In 2005 and in 2006 secured they runner – up position. Tanaka created history as his last pitch was recorded at an astounding speed of 150km/hr, the highest ever recorded in the school tournament. This brought some attention towards the upcoming player. As a result he was chosen for the Japanese team to play in the IBAF AAA World Junior Championship.

Masahiro Tanaka Net Worth 2017-2018

He also did wonders in various other tournaments as well and has an amazing record of 445 strikeouts, a 3.12 earned average run and a 39 – 16 win – loss record through the 2016 MLB season. He was also awarded with accolades like ‘All – Star’ (MLB) in 2014, ‘Japanese Series Champion’ (NPB), ‘Pacific League MVP’ (NPB) in 2013 and much more for his performance.

Before playing for the current New York Yankees in the MLB he played for another team called Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles from 2007 to 2013. In December 2013 all the MLB team managers were present to watch Tanaka play and sign a contract with him. In 2014 the Yankees were successful and signed a seven – year long USD $155 million contract with the young player.

Education: The athlete went to Itami Municipal Matsuzaki Junior high school and later went on to Komadai Tomakomai High school to complete his education. After schooling in 2006 he started playing baseball professionally and took it up as a career choice and never went to college.

Masahiro Tanaka Net Worth

The Japanese super – athlete is valued at USD $35 million as of 2017. He has earned a major portion of his worth from the match and contact fees.

Annual Salary – USD $22 million
Retirement Funds – USD $293,333
Allowances – USD $209,524
Other than the above he also gets a handsome bonus.

Masahiro Tanaka Assets

The famous player owns a house in Glen Brock, New Jersey worth USD $468,800. Other than this there is no record of his assets or properties except for his favourite Hublot watches worth thousands of dollars. He does not own any stock or investment in the stock market nor does he holds any website in his name etc.

Masahiro Tanaka Business Model

He is the only athlete who currently has no other source of earnings than baseball. He is completely dependent on the yearly salary and the contracts that he signs with the MLB teams. He was seen in the the Pokémon Go advertisement a couple of years ago and since then has been involved in any other endorsements of any kind. Looks like he only concentrates on the game.

There has been a discussion recently about the possibility of the Yankees to win if Masahiro Tanaka performs brilliantly. There are all the odds against the Yankees at this point of time as their ace – pitcher Tanaka has not completely recovered from an injury of torn UCL which was diagnosed back in 2014, plus he can opt out of his seven – year contract after this season. A balance off USD $67 million remains after 2017 out of the total value USD $155 million. There is a possibility that the Yankees may convince Tanaka to sign another five – year contract with them. But what happens only time will tell.

The athlete had an aim in his mind and started following it from a very young age. His outstanding performance in the tournaments and series led him to fame and won him several awards. He also gives a fair play everytime he is on the pitch. He is 28 now and doesn’t look like he is going to stop anytime soon.