Mark Teixeira Net Worth

Who is Mark Teixeira? What is net worth of Mark Teixeira? Mark Teixeira was born in Annapolis, Maryland on 11th April 1980 to his mother Margy who was a school teacher and his father, John Teixeira, a former Navy officer who worked as an aerospace firm manager. They lived in an upper-middle-class suburb of Baltimore known as Severna Park. This place is bounded by Severn Rivers and Magothy in Anne Arundel County. Playing Baseball was part of Teixeira family. Both Mark’s Father and his Uncle Pete were baseball players. Margy’s father and brother were also very good players.

It was the dream of Marks parents that someday their son, Mark, would become a great Baseball player. When Mark was an infant and a toddler his parents wore his baseball uniform. This has been just to express their desire for their son. When he was a year old, they gave him a glove. Mark started familiarizing with baseball as early as when he could hold a ball. At the age of four Mark was able to play with ease and confidence. Mark was also infected with a strong desire to play baseball, such that at the age of five he had made up his mind that he wanted to become an international baseball player when he grew up.

Mark Teixeira Net Worth 2017-2018

Mark is blessed with a sharp, intelligent and focused mind. He had and still has a strong body. With a strong determination to succeed in everything he did, Mark tirelessly practiced and studied and as a result excelled both in athletics and in his school work. Mark’s neighbor and friend Mike Floyd together with his brother Gavin were very good hitters and outfielders. Mike was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2001 and Mark was taken by Texas Rangers.

They were the first in Baltimore-area to ever be tabled in the first round. Mark joined St Joseph High School in Catonsville in 1994. He joined the baseball team. In 1996 he earned his first Baltimore All-Metro selections. Mark was honored by USA Baseball as Maryland’s top junior after hitting 518 with 10 runs in 40 games. After this success Mark joined an American Legion squad. This is where he experienced great success. When he got to his senior year, Mark was both tall and huge.

He weighed around 200 pounds. He also excelled in his studies. Following this success, Mark was recruited by top baseball programs, but this joy did not last for long. Word was circulated that he was college bound and hence no team wanted to hire him. He was heartbroken and decided to join college. Mark continued to play in college and he excelled better than before.

At one time Mark broke his ankle and had to spend some time out of the game in order to heal. He later recovered and joined the game again. After a short while, he broke his elbow and had to get out of the baseball game to heal. Mark had a strong drive to excel and would never let anything divert his goal to succeed. After healing he went back and it was a successful one after another.

Education: Mark enrolled at a private school known as a St Joseph high school in Catonsville in 1994 where he studied up to his senior year. After high school, Mark joined a college known as Georgia Tech. During college and even after college, Mark, who was also known as Tex continued to pursue his dream of becoming the best baseball player in the world.

Mark Teixeira Net Worth

Mark Teixeira has a Net Worth of $85 million US dollars as of 2017. He is an infielder MLB professional player of New York baseball team. He is a hard-working person with a lot of determination and sharp focus, this being the main reason for his success. His annual salary is $22.5 million.

Mark Teixeira Assets

The father of two boys, Jack Gordon and William Charles, and a daughter, Addison Leigh who is also a loving husband to his wife Leigh Williams live with his family in their luxurious home in Greenwich Connecticut.

He owns a collection of cars among which is a luxurious black SUV.

Mark Teixeira Business Model

Mark Teixeira signed a $180 million free-agent contract with the New York Yankees before the 2009 season. In 2015 the switch-hitter set a record when he for the 14th time hit a home run from both sides of the plate. Mark makes $500,000 annually off the field from Steiner Sports, Rawlings, Nike and others. He is a part owner of a Juice and smoothie retail stores, Juice Press, based in the New York chain.

Mark Teixeira, also known as Tex, has made a decision to retire this year following neck and knee injuries. Mark has had many injuries during his years in the baseball game, the most recent one being the knee and neck injuries which have made him make this decision to retire.

With determination and focus, one can be at all obstacles to their success. This has been the case with Mark who at one time was heartbroken but never gave up. He has also had many injuries, but these did not prevent him from succeeding.