Johnny Damon Net Worth

Who is Johnny Damon and what is his net worth 2018? Johnny David Damon is a retired American professional baseball outfielder. From 1995 to 2012, he played in Major League Baseball.

Johnny Damon was born on 5th November 1973 in Fort Riley, Kansas of USA. Johnny Damon’s full name is Johnny David Damon. His nickname is The Caveman. He has a good height of 6 feet and 2 inches. His father’s name is Jimmy. He is an American of Croatian and of Irish descent. His mother’s name is Yome. She was a Thai immigrant to America. They met in Southeast Asia. Johnny Damon spent most of time as an army brat. He had to move to a few bases from Okinawa, Japan West Germany.

Johnny Damon Net Worth 2018-2019

From his teenage, Johnny Damon was a big fan of baseball game. His favourite player is Cal Ripken. He reached his full height and weight very fast. When he was 13 years old, he got 6 feet height. When Johnny Damon was a preschooler, his father settled his family in the Orlando area. As a child he played in the South Orange Little League. He completed his education from the Dr. Phillips High School in the Orlando. In his high school, he played football.

Johnny Damon dated Angela Vannice from his high school. In 1992, he married Angela Vannice. In 1999, he has twins, Jackson and Madelyn. They got divorced in 2002.

In 2004, he married with Michelle Mangan. He has six children from his second married. In 2007, he gave birth to his first daughter, Devon Rose. In 2008, they welcomed their second child, Danica Rayne. In 2012, she gave birth to twin daughter, Dasha and Daliah. In 2015, they welcomed their 5th daughter Dreanna Michelle. In 2016, they welcomed their 5th child, Dash.

Damon resides in Windermere, Florida. His wife is living in Cresskill, New Jersey.

Johnny Damon Net Worth

Johnny Damon is a Professional baseball player. His estimated Net worth is around $64 million. He earned such a huge worth from his sports career. He was a member of the Thailand national baseball team. He also received an amount of $1.25 million as an annual salary in 2012. He was also signed by the Boston Red Sox for 4 years with $31 million deal in 2001. This increases huge amount in his Net worth. He was also signed by the New York Yankees in a deal of $52 million for 4 years in 2005. After the expiration of this contract, he already signed with the Detroit Tigers in a deal of $8 million for 1 year.

Career: He is a baseball player. From 1995 to 2000, he played for the Kansas City Royals. In 2001, he played for the Oakland Athletics. From 2002 to 2005, he played for Boston Red Sox. From 2006 to 2009, he played for New York Yankees. In 2010, he played for the Detroit Tigers. In 2011, he played for the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2012, he played for the Thailand national baseball team. In 2013, he became the member of the group World Baseball Classic qualifiers.

In 2005, Johnny Damon wrote Idiot Beating, The Curse. In 2004, he 2004, Damon gave background voice to the Dropkick Murphys’ single, Tessie. In 2009, he hosted WWE Raw. In 2014, he took part in the Celebrity Apprentice competition. He has also performed on the Animal Planet show, Tanked.

In 1993, he won the All Star OF Awards. In 1994, he won the award of the All Star Royals Minor League Player of the Year. In 1995, he won the award of 1st team Minor League All Star, KC Royals Minor League Player of the Year and award of the All-Star and Most Valuable Player, AA All Star, and AA Player of the Year.

In 2000, he won the KC Royals award as the best Player of the Year. In 2002, he won the All Star award. In 2005, he won the Baseball America 2nd Team All Star award. In 2009, he won TYIB Award as the Best Postseason Moment.

Johnny Damon is very hard working player. He earned such a worth from his hard working performances. He likes to play childish works. In hotels, he loves to drop water bubbles from the top floor on the every passing person. He also loves to poured ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard oil on his team mate’s uniforms. When there is high pressure, he helps his team mate to relax.