Jacoby Ellsbury Net Worth

Who is Jacoby Ellsbury? What is net worth of Jacoby Ellsbury? Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury is professional baseball player currently playing for NewYork Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB) as the center fielder. Jacoby was born in Madras, Oregon on September 11, 1983, and started his career in Boston Red Sox as the center fielder when drafted for Major League Baseball (MLB).

He played in MLB for the Boston Red Sox from 2007 through 2013, and finally joined the NewYork Yankees for the season of 2014. He recently started his career but in that short time, he made his name and reputation of high profile baseball player. He went to Madras High School and in his senior years in baseball, he hit .537 with 65 stolen bases. And he was as good as in basketball as he is in baseball. He also played basketball and football in high school. When it comes to college, he went to Oregon state university where he played basketball and won many titled.

Jacoby Ellsbury Net Worth 2017-2018

In 2005, he was finally selected for 2005 MLB draft by Boston Red Sox in the 1st round in overall drafting process. His career could have started earlier when he was selected first overall by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 23rd round of the 2002 MLB Draft, he did not sign that year.

2011 was his golden year of the career as he won his first Rawlings Gold Glove Award, his first Silver Slugger Award and he became first time the American League MVP runner-up. After joining NewYork Yankees he made the great fortune that is way higher than he made with Boston Red Sox. Let’s see how many millions he has made and how many he is about to make? Though there is not a lot of details are hovering around but here are the most of the official details we could gather.

Son of mother Margie Ellsbury and father Jim Ellsbury has made his fame and name playing national baseball in MBL. He has three brothers. There are no details available about his early love life but Ellsbury married to Kelsey Hawkins in December of 2012.

Jacoby Ellsbury Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jacoby is about staggering $45 million US dollars in 2017. And his annual salary is about $15 million US dollars.

Jacoby Ellsbury Assets

Earning in millions annually & more to come, this 33-year-old baseball player has made a fortune and he must be spending very well. You may expect luxurious cars and Mansions when it comes to his auto collection and properties. You may get right but unfortunately, there are not official details are available about his cars and motorcycles. And yes not even about his home. He does not have any private jet and private boat.

Jacoby Ellsbury Business Model

He is not involved in any business but Ellsbury released Zinfandel wine called ZinfandEllsbury though charity wine and its 100% profits donate to three charities named Ellsbury Read Project, The Navajo Relief Fund, and Project Bread: The Walk for Hunger. Further, he earns the great fortune by endorsing the sports brands.

He finally signed a 7-year contract with NewYork Yankees worth of $153 million US dollars giving him the place in Forbes list of highest paid athlete in 2015. He is currently playing for NY Yankees as the center fielder.

Though Jacoby got the chance to start his career in 2002 but denied it for certain reason. But right now he is the one of the highest paid athletes in the world, winner of many awards and titles. Jacoby is unstoppable and proving his self as an idol for all baseball lovers across the globe.