Felix Hernandez Net Worth

Who is Felix Hernandez and what is his net worth 2018? Born on 8th April 1986 in Valencia, Venezuela, Felix Hernandez emerged as one of the most renowned baseball player in the world in no time. His potential to emerge as a great baseball player was first spotted by Luis Fuenmayor , who saw him pitching at age 14 in a tournament near Maracaibo, Venezuela. Fuenmayor played an instrumental role in shaping the career of this player during the early ages of his childhood. Fuenmayor recommended Hernández to fellow scouts Pedro Avila and Emilio Carrasquel , who recognised his keen interest in the game. Later, at the age of 16, The Seattle Mariners signed Hernandez in accordance with MLB rules.

Hernández is married and is a to a son and a daughter. He and his family are currently residing in Clyde Hill. He is also called as “Abraham” by his family member. Apart from this, he is also associated with several philanthropic and charitable institutions. He is spokesperson for renowned Seattle King County Humane Society. Hernández is also the Seattle Mariners Ambassador for the Pepsi Refresh Project, which helps him in raising money for the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Felix Hernandez Net Worth 2018-2019

Education: No sooner had Felix Hernandez graduated from high school, that he agreed to agreed to his first professional contract. Mariners director of international operations Bob Engle signed Hernández in 2002. Hernández received a large signing bonus of $710,000, although he said the Mariners were not the highest bidder.After this, he became immensely popular among the crowds and in no time became one of the well known face in the history of sports. Other teams including New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves tried to sign him and were willing to pay him more than Seattle.

But, Hernandez decided to choose Mariners because he was truly inspired by Venezuelan pitcher Freddy Garcia who was pitching for the team at that time. His agent, Wil Polidor also attributed the success of Hernandez to his father who always supported his son to pursue his dreams. Sooner, Engle and the other Mariners scouts started cultivating a relationship with his family to earn the family’s trust.

Did you know that Hernandez have also represented his native Venezuala in 2009 World Baseball Classic? In his very first outing, he pitched four innings in relief, surrendering only one hit while not allowing a run. In his next game, Hernández defeated Puerto Rico by over  4 2⁄3 innings.

Felix Hernandez Net Worth

This venezuelian professional baseball player has net worth of $65 Million. Did you know that he is one of the highest paid baseball players? His luxurious collections of cars include Range Rover HSE, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz GL550, Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari 458 Italia. Apart from that, he owns a mansion in his hometown, Venezuala which is intricately built with all the facilities.

King Felix signed a seven-year, $175 million contract extension in 2013 that was the biggest deal ever doled out to a pitcher at the time. Felix Hernandez is associated with some of the reputed brands like Nike, PepsiCo, Topps, Rawlings, Panini, Bleacher Creatures, Majestic, T-Mobile, Kinesio and All-Star Techno.

Felix Hernandez is very popular among his fans and recently he stayed out till he had given autograph to every single person who wished for the same. He is now practising rigorously for the next Olympic event and in one of his latest interviews , he expressed his desire to win a gold medal in baseball this time. He also said that he would leave no stone unturned and would definitely emerge as a winner this time.

Undoubtedly, he remains the glittering star of baseball industry whose light may keep blazing every single day. He is epitome of aggressive sportsmanship and confidence who has not only become an integral part of a successful player. You can make your way through any difficulties if you are determined and courageous to face challenges in your life. We cannot skip talking about him who blends perfectly in the above example. Felix Hernandez stands as a starring exemplar in the field of baseball and an epitome of possessing audacity and indomitable spirit.