Tommy Cannon Net Worth 2019

Who is Tommy Cannon and what is his net worth 2019? In cricket, they say that fast bowlers hunt in pairs. Similarly, in the field of comedy, the ace comedians hunt in pairs. Born on 27 June 1938, Thomas Cannon (Thomas Derbyshire) is one ‘half’ of the comedy pair, Cannon and Ball. Along with his compatriot, Bobby Ball (Robert Harper), he has regaled audiences the world over with the double act, Cannon and Ball.

Tommy Cannon is a veteran. There is not much information available about his parents or siblings. However, he has married twice. He has two children from his first wife, Margaret, who he has divorced. He lives near York today along with his second wife, Hazel and their three children.Both Cannon and Ball are confirmed Christians. They hold the church and the clergy in great esteem.

Tommy Cannon Net Worth

The Cannon and Ball Shows were extremely famous on prime time Saturday on London Weekend Television. Initially starting out in the early 1960’s as the Bobby and Stevie Rhythm, they rechristened it to Sherell Brothers and then, The Harper brothers. In the late 1960’s, they changed the name of their partnership to the Cannon and Ball Show. This name has stuck since then.


Starting with their first TV appearance on Opportunity Knocks in 1968, they performed as a pair until their last TV show in 1991. Subsequently, due to the change in the tastes and preferences of people, they continued with theater shows, summer shows, pantomimes, and the odd TV appearances.

When you are together for a long time, differences do crop up. They did so here as well. However, that did not affect the partnership in any way. Bobby was a known womaniser and alcoholic. Tommy did not approve of this behaviour and they were not on talking terms literally. However, on the stage, they acted as thorough professionals recreating the magic every time.

Education: Tommy belonged to the older generation. There are not much records about the educational qualifications of Tommy Cannon. However, during his time, the parents used to place great emphasis on education. Hence, he must have had a decent education.

Net Worth of Tommy Cannon

Tommy Cannon has a net worth of $1.5 million. We do not know for sure how much they are actually worth because they had to pay tax to the tune of a million pounds in 1980’s. This pair had not paid their taxes for a long time. However, this pair soon hit the road with their gigs and plays to clear the entire tax liability. They had a period of three years to do so. They repaid the tax amount of around 1.90 million pounds within the deadline.

This was an extremely successful partnership. They had naturally amassed huge wealth. The pair had beachfront homes in the Canary Islands. The pair had a couple of Rolls Royce cars and a couple of cruisers as well. Cannon had invested in a local Fourth Division football team.

Starting out as performers in pubs and restaurants, the pair of Thomas Derbyshire and Robert Harper named their partnership as Bobby and Stevie Rhythm. They changed their names many times until the name, Cannon and Ball stuck in the late 1960’s.

In spite of their differences, they continued their shows. The older generation still remembers their performances. They can still evoke laughter all around.

They wound up their Cannon and Ball shows on TV in 1992 because of the change in the preferences of people. However, for old-timer’s sake, they continued acting in theaters, road shows, pantomimes, etc. They do the odd TV show as well.

In 2005, they appeared on the reality show, “I’m a celebrity… get me out of here.”

All good things have to end. This partnership has to end some day. Tommy is around 80 years old. Old age makes it difficult to move around a lot. However, they have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment world with their stellar shows. They truly formed an unforgettable pairing.