Masashi Kishimoto Net Worth 2019

Who is Masashi Kishimoto and what is his net worth 2019? Masashi Kishimoto is recognised as one Japanese based manga artist, popular for making famous manga series entitled as Naruto, made in serialisation from years 1999 till 2014. By year 2015, the series Naruto manga has sold more than 220 million copies globally. Get complete details of net worth of Masashi Kishimoto by reading below:

Early Life

Masashi Kishimoto belonged to Okayama Prefecture, situated in Japan, born as elder twin of Seishi Kishimoto. Throughout his childhood, this artist displayed passion in sketching characters from popular anime shows he saw, like Arale by Dr. Slump’s and titular protagonist by Doraemon. While studying in a school, Kishimoto began watching Dragon Ball and Kinnikuman with his brother.

Masashi Kishimoto Net Worth

Throughout his last years of education in school, the artist devoted time for drawing manga as well as worked in an art college through hopes that he will turn out as manga artist. After appearing in college, Kishimoto made decision that he must try making one Chanbara manga after Weekly Shōnen Jump has not printed one title from the particular genre. Though, in the same years, the celebrity began reading Blade of the Immortal as well as Rurouni Kenshin which applied the particular genre.


Kishimoto’s leading successful manga trial was Karakuri, which he offered to Shueisha in year 1995. This actually grossed him an honourable reference in monthly by Shueisha, entitled as “Hop Step Award” in year 1996, settled to encouraging novice manga artists. In year 1997, while improving Karakuri for series, this artist was provided one-shot in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Hindered by the unexpected deadline, a revised Karakuri made debut for two weeks afterwards in Weekly Shōnen Jump 1998 No. 4-5, however did performance poorly in student surveys as well as was directly cancelled.

In year 1999, the episodic version of Naruto aired in Weekly Shōnen Jump 1999 No. 43 as well as rapidly turned out as a hit. It is found that Naruto finished in year 2014 after over 15 years of series, through total 700 chapters composed in 72 different volumes. Corresponding sales have surpassed 113 million copies in country- Japan as well as more than 95 million copies in US, trailed by more than 93 million copies globally.

In his career, the Naruto based manga series turned out as one of top properties of Viz Media, owing for almost 10% of every manga sales in entire US in year 2006. Moreover, two of his prior assistants namely Yuuichi Itakura and Osamu Kajisa have worked on to reasonable success after their contribution on Naruto. In year 2009, Kishimoto also worked to design an additional costume for popular video game character named as Lars Alexandersson for a film. This artist also served in Motion Comic Naruto, actually a DVD that displays scenes from manga in 3D form that was offered to initial 1.5 million persons who worked to cinema.

After end of Naruto, the artist worked on to involve in Start of a New Era Project honouring the manga’s commemoration as well as its 15th anniversary. In year 2015, Kishimoto eclared that he has by now decided what he wishes to accomplish for his upcoming manga series. The artist has accepted that he made no decisions in respect to development of story developments of Naruto. For instance, when presenting Sasuke, the particular character states that he wishes to slay a person.

Net Worth of Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto is renowned globally as a Japanese based popular manga artist having a net worth of $22 million. This artist has too issued three different Naruto art books as well as three Naruto novels. Right from manga series of year 1995, this artist continues to work till date in this field, amassing great wealth.

The credit of creation of famous manga series entitled as Naruto goes after the artist named Masashi Kishimoto. People in different parts of world love to enjoy manga series and Masashi Kishimoto is the one who succeeds in delivering this well.