David Cross Net Worth

David Cross is an American artist, stand-up comedian, and an author. Initially, he got recognition for his stand-up comedy in the sketch comedy series ‘Mr. Show’ aired on the HBO. According to Cross, his comedy is inspired by Andy Kaufman, Bill Hicks, Lou Costello, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Steven Wright, Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.

He has participated to a greater extent in emergent production named ‘The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret’. Also, he has an active social media presence. He has done a lot of work in the showbiz industry due to which he has a considerably huge net worth. The estimated net worth of David Cross is $13 million US dollars.

David Cross Net Worth 2017-2018

David Cross was born on 4 April 1964, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He did his graduation from Northside High School, Atlanta. He was born to parents Barry and Sussi. They moved to Florida when David was 6 months old. But, they moved back to Georgia after heading towards New York and Connecticut. David belonged to a poor family and his father left the whole family when the cross was 10 years old. He has two sisters.

David Cross became an atheist after growing up. In 2012, he married to Amber Tamblyn. They have a daughter named Marlow Alice Cross.

David Cross started stand-up comedy at the age of 17. He appeared in a radio program of Frank named ‘The Last Run’ and ‘A Hearing’, in 1994. In 1997, both of these shows were joined together which turned into a single show “The OJ Chronicles”. Cross aired his 3 recordings: ‘It’s Not Funny, ‘Shut Up You Fucking Baby!’ and ‘Bigger and Blackerer’.

In 1999, Cross participated in a comedy show’ The Pride is Back’ aired on HBO. As Tobias Funke, Cross participated in ‘Arrested Development’. Professionally, his career started as an author and he contributed to The Ben Stiller Show. Cross contributed his part as by his vocalizations in “The Legend of T.J. O’Pootertoot”.

This sketch was completely written by Cross himself. In 2009, the first book of Cross was made to the public titled’ I Drink for a Reason’. This book consisted of humorous fictional autobiographies, memoirs, and stuff from his earlier writings. In 1993, Cross was prized with an Emmy Award for his contribution to The Ben Stiller Show.

How much is David Cross Net Worth in 2017

David Cross contributed to narrations for the sensational music video DVD for the band Tool. He played the role of ‘Ian Hawke’ in ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’, ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’: Chipwrecked and ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’: The Squeakquel. Also, he articulated as ‘Crane’ in the ‘Kung Fu Panda film franchise’. Cross directed his debut movie ‘Hits’ which was premiered at 2014 at the ‘Sundance Film Festival’.

He performed hilariously by co-starring ‘America Ferrera’ and ‘Julia Stiles’ in ‘It’s a Disaster’. This film was premiered at the ‘Los Angeles Film Festival’, in 2012. His massive contributions to the television industry add an amazing amount to his total net worth. David Cross has an estimated net worth of $13 million US dollars as of 2017.

David Cross has a remarkable record of his stupendous contribution to the showbiz television industry. He is considered as one of the top comedians in the USA. He is very talented and popular among the whole nation of the United States of America. Though, he got big success quite late in this industry.