Dave Kindig Net Worth 2019

Who is Dave Kindig and What is his net worth 2019? Dave Kindig is the founder and owner of Kindig It, which has helped him in creating a net worth of million US dollars. Kindig-It Design focuses on making restoring hot rods and producing custom made vehicles. He is also a television personality who appeared on a show called ‘Beyond Bitchin’ Rides’ in 2015.

Early Life

Dave Kindig was born and brought up in the United States of America. He developed a love for designing when he was a little kid. He continued to dwell on his interest even during his school days which helped him in getting where he stands today. He was supported throughout his life by his friends and family which motivated him to continue with the desire of the heart and pursue a career in designing and automobiles.

Dave Kindig Net Worth

Most of his family including his wife Charity Kindig is involved in his business. She serves the position of the vice president in his company. They together build Kindig It Designs and have turned it into one of the major business ventures in the country. Some of his cousins are also employed by his company and are to play a significant role in running the business smoothly.

You can even find multiple custom made products at their store.

He is an automobile lover, and he has a collection of some of the most expensive and amazing cars, some of which might be on sale currently, so you better hurry up.

Dave turned his childhood hobby of modifying and restoring old machines into a business and is known for restoring some of the most expensive classic cars in the world. He founded Kindig It Design in 1999, with the support and help of his wife. He is the creator and the vision behind the success of his business, while his wife is the manager of the business.


His business initially kick-started in 2014 when he appeared in reality television series called ‘Bitchin Rides’. Later he also appeared in the second season of the show called ‘Beyond Bitchin’ Rides’ in 2015.

Some of his best employees include auto-mechanical geniuses like Will Lockwood, Carlos Delgado, Kevin Schiele and many more.

Kindig It is also known for selling their merchandise clothing and as well accessories. Dave was motivated to produce this promotion line, after his popularity on the reality TV series.

Apart from his love for cars, Dave is also known for actively participating in charitable acts. He can be seen contributing to society by donating hundred of dollars to charity every year.

Dave Kindig hasn’t received any awards or honors; however, he has the biggest honor known to any businessman, the trust, and faith of his customers. His company has transformed over a thousand cars. People love his work and never run out of praises to compliment his work. Unlike his professional which resonates ruggedness and roughness, Dave has a golden heart who is also active with his charitable acts.

Net Worth of Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig has an estimated net worth of over $3.5 million. His company was established in 1999, and since then he has made some the most amazing transformation in some amazing cars which has helped him in creating an empire worth millions. His company also makes some extra dollars by selling their own clothing and accessory line.

Dave Kindig is without a doubt one of the best artists in the world. Car restoration is amongst the most underrated business in the world. Restoring a legendary classic takes much effort and input than one can imagine. To gain information regarding his business, or if you want to customize your then we will highly recommend you check out his website www.kindigit.com.