Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth 2019

Who is Yasmine Bleeth and what is her net worth 2019? Yasmine Bleeth is acknowledged as a former actress. This actress’ television roles comprise Caroline Holden featured in a long-running type series entitled as Baywatch, as well as LeeAnn Demerest on a soap opera entitled as One Life to Live. Net worth of Yasmine Bleeth is amassed mainly from her career in acting, get further details below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Bleeth is New York City. She is known to be a daughter of Carina, recognised as a model, and her husband named Philip Bleeth, recognised as a business owner. Moreover, her father is basically of Russian-Jewish as well as German-Jewish origin, whereas her late mother possesses Algerian origin.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth

Her father was connected with a collection of friends which comprised Alice Brock and Arlo Guthrie across the time of birth of Yasmine. The actress’ original acknowledged acting based role was featured in a baby shampoo television commercial of Johnson & Johnson when he was of age 10 months.

When Bleeth was of age six, she has performed on Candid Camera. Afterwards in that year, she was featured in a Max Factor based cosmetic advertising promotion in association with model named Cristina Ferrare. The actress’ contribution in this promotion captured attention of a fashion photographer named Francesco Scavullo, who later encompassed her as well as her mother in a book named Scavullo Women.

Bleeth was featured in her initial film in year 1980 when she was of age 12. She was featured opposite person named Buddy Hackett in a feature film entitled as Hey Babe! During that time she has completed graduation from high school, and also she was already serving on a soap opera entitled Ryan’s Hope from her age of 16. In year 1991, she has featured in role of LeeAnn Demerest on famous soap opera entitled One Life to Live.

When Bleeth was of age 20, her mom named Carina Bleeth, passed away from inflammatory breast cancer when her mom was of age 47. She has stated that she never approved the fact that her mom was disappearing till she sighed the last breath.

The actress’ role featured on Baywatch conveyed her widespread consideration. People entitled her as one of 50 Most Beautiful People of magazine in year 1995. The actress was one among the FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women all over the World each year from period of 1996 till 2001, as well as FHM’s U.S. 100 Sexiest Women each year from period of 2000 till 2003.

Because of her role featured in Baywatch, she was too presented many other roles in film and television. Also, she has worked as a featured actress in total five series as well as featured as guest in some other shows. In her television based career, she sustained to serve as a model, often featuring in swimwear or in lingerie.

Net Worth of Yasmine Bleeth

Presently the net worth of Yasmine Bleeth is $2.5 million. She is recognised as an actress with high fame and wealth. She has amassed her net worth by her acting based career featured in films as well as TV shows. She has turned out as an immediate hit on TV as well as on internet.

Moreover, her wealth and fame increased after People magazine named her as one of their 50 Most Beautiful People in year 1995. In year 2000, she was featured in a short-lived Aaron Spelling TV show entitled as Titans, and after one year, she was detained and accused by cocaine possession. Once he has begged guilty in year 2002, the actress was condemned to parole as well as community service. The actress’ last performance was noted in year 2003 TV movie entitled Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

Yasmine Bleeth got high prominence by featuring in a long-running kind of series entitled as Baywatch. While she was often appearing in lingerie or swimwear, she can be even featured in many TV shows as well as feature movies.