Vedika Net Worth

Vedika is an Indian film actress who has performed in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada films. Vedika has full name-Vedika Pooja Kumar and was born in Solapur, located in Maharashtra, India. She started her career depicting Angamma in Bala’s film -Paradesi in year 2013, appealing critical praise and award nominees for her role. Vedika is a much endowed dancer as well and she showed her spirit in dance (more in classical dance) in her extremely esteemed film named-“Kaaviya Thalaivan”.

Vedika first release was made in year 2008 and it was the Silambarasan with Kaalai, got bad reviews and turned out as a commercial failure. Though, the film became famous for the dance skills, “Kutti Pisase” together with Vedika’s dancing being judgmentally valued. She then started to appear in a second consecutive film which was criticized by censors and which became a monetary failure with her character in Sakkarakatti.

Vedhika Net Worth 2017-2018

Later, she was even featured in a Kannada film named-Sangama opposite Ganesh, which gained her better reviews for her role. This film had less possibility for Vedika and reviews quoted her role as pure eye candy whilst appealing she was appropriate for the personality. Vedika did a comeback to Telugu films in that year, with a performance in the applauded film-Baanam.

The roles she played gained her applauses, whilst her screen presence with Nara Rohit was acclaimed with a critic quoting she provides “decent company as the native girl” and it is “inspirational to see them together”.

After the launch of Baanam, Vedika went on a leave and have not sign any other films until, notwithstanding making an attendance in a notable advert with Karthi for mobile company brand-Airtel. She also contracted and next presented in the Telugu film named Daggaraga Dooranga opposite Sumanth, which unlocked to mid-range reviews in year 2011.

Vedika won many orders for her role in Tamil film-Paradesi in year 2013 such as Techofes award & Screen Moon Award for Best actress and Edison Award for the Best extreme Performance-Female.

Vedika completed her studies by receiving graduation degree in B.Sc in Business Administration and M.Sc in Marketing from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Vedika registered in Kishore Namith Kapoor School to gain knowledge of dancing and acting skills for a profession in films.

Vedika Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of Vedika is $0.6 million US dollars in 2017. The mentioned estimated net worth includes Vedika’s income from her acting, business deals, brand endorsements, etc.

Actress Vedika has made final to give back something to her followers and fans on the social media. In this regard, she has initiated a new initiative called Vedika Talent Gallery that will let users to show their unseen artistic talent to broader audience. People are acceptable to direct any of their creative creations such as poems, songs, and even paintings.

Vedika even appeared in few commercial advertisements of prevalent brands such as Punarjeeva Hair oil, Airtel, etc.

This actress was contracted up by director Bala for Paradesi in year 2013, an edition of the 1969 tragic original Red Tea, launched in the 1930’s. She had been suggested by famous actress Sangeetha, for signing the film in year 2011 and did not admit to join in any other assignment till the release, showing a meaningfully de-glamourised look and depicting a village personality for the very first time. During her time of career she was intricate in modelling projects and did a prominent advertisement for biscuits alongside noticeable actor Suriya.

Vedika’s latest movie is a Kannada movie named Sangama opposite Ganesh and a Tamil film with beginner Shanthnoo in the film named Sakkarakatti, which included A. R. Rahman as the music director in that. Recently, this actress is featured opposite Varun, who did his debut with Oru Naal Iravil celebrity.

Vedika is one of the renowned south Indian actress known for her beauty, acting, dancing skills, etc. On account of her different skills, Vedika has been bestowed with acclaimed awards in her career.