Tonya Banks Net Worth 2019

Who is Tonya Banks and what is her net worth 2019? Have you ever heard of a little person ever doing the lead role in a film? The film industry does not work in this way. However, the credit for being the first little person to star as the main lead in a feature film should go to Tonya Banks. She achieved this distinction in the film, The Internship Games.

Early Life

Born on 07 July 1964 in Carson, CA, Tonya Banks had a genetic disorder (Achondroplasia Dwarfism) resulting in her becoming a dwarf. However, that did not affect her popularity in the film industry any bit. She is extremely famous for the films such as The Internship Games, Death to Smoochy, etc.

Tonya Banks Net Worth

Usually, people like Tonya end up doing comedy roles. However, Tonya was made of sterner stuff. She had her moments of comedy. However, she is an intense actor as well. In fact, not many people know that she is a fantastic stunt artist in her own right.

She exhibited all these qualities in the Hollywood comedy Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. She has a tremendous experience of doing roles of little women all her life. The Hollywood industry cast her again as the lead artiste in the TV series, Little Women: LA.

She is a single mother having brought up her daughter all alone. Her daughter Angelique is her life. She is very strict when it comes to Angelique socialising with men. In spite of her little frame, she packs tremendous courage. Her daughter is an obedient one as well. She does not cross the line even though she can physically lift Tonya above her shoulder. She respects Tonya for having brought her up without any kind of male support.

Tonya was briefly in a wedlock arrangement with fellow actor Kerwin Johnson. Even though they had an ambiguous relationship, it lasted for fifteen years.

Education: Usually, you do not see the little people go to school or college anywhere in the world. They end up in circuses or films as jokers and comedians. Tonya has also never been to school. At least, there is no information on the internet about Tonya attending any school.

Net Worth of Tonya Banks

Tonya Banks’s net worth is around $1 million. This figure might seem small when you see lesser-accomplished actors earning much more. However, that is fate. Tonya does not qualify as the normal female lead actor because of her height or you can say lack of it.

Many people can say that the lack of height should be a liability to Tonya. However, Tonya considers this as her greatest asset.

Other than this asset, her major love is her daughter. Having brought her up as a single mother without any kind of male support, she is extremely possessive of her daughter.

She has a very strong mind as well. She does not mince words while voicing her opinion. She has openly stated that she dislikes the word, ‘midget’. She is against using this word to describe unfortunate people like her. She likens it to a racism slur.

Tonya may be a very short woman. However, she has a large heart. She has been in this industry for more than 30 years. In addition to being a comedian, she is an accomplished stunt woman as well. She has the knack of impersonating any celebrity with ease.

Some of her films include The Internship Games where she played the lead actor role, Death to Smoochy, etc.

She has her own clothing line called L’il Boss Body Active Wear. She is an actor in her own right. She is also a role model for the underprivileged little people in the world.

Tonya Banks has a major ambition to be the first little person ever to win an Academy Award. Considering her determination, the day is not far away.

People like Tonya Banks are very rare in this world. She has achieved much more than any person with a normal height could do so in his or her lifetime. She has never let her lack of height become any sort of impediment in achieving anything in life. One day, we will see her proudly holding the Oscar.