Terra Jole Net Worth 2019

Who is Terra Jole and what is her net worth 2019? Terra Jole is a decorated American actress, producer, singer and a very famous T.V personality . Terra is very well known for her reality television stints. She has starred in Little Women: LA and its spinoff, and Dancing with the Stars. Terra Jole is a person with Dwarfism as she stands only 4’2’’. Terra Jole initially wanted to be a singer and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream .Terra Jole is an inspiration for women worldwide. Terra Jole is a ideal illustration of good things comes in small packages.

Early Life

Terra Jole Odmark was born on 25 May, 1980 in Comal County, Texas, USA. Terra Jones is one of the two children of Richard Odmark and Isabel Odmark. Terra is very much influenced by her mother Isabel. Terra Jole had admitted that her mother had a big influence on her. Everything she is today i.e., a great mom, an animal lover and a rescuer of dog is a direct effect of her mother on Terra’s life.

Terra Jole net worth

Terra Jole is married to Joe Gnoffo. She met Joe on the sets of Little Women: LA. The couple resides in Los Angeles, California. The couple is blessed with two children, a daughter in March 2015, which they named Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo. After one year in August 2016, a boy was born to them, Grayson Vincent D’Artagnan Gnoffo. Joe Gnoffo, her husband is a convicted felon and was arrested for damaging property back in 1999. He was sentenced $400 fine and community service for 40 hours. Joe had successfully moved on from his criminal past.

Terra Jole’s daughter Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo also suffers from the same kind of dwarfism as her mother. The mother daughter duo suffers from achondroplasia. A person suffering from this have to closely monitor his health as one gets older. The little girl has to make certain changes in her life and will always have health related issues.

Net Worth of Terra Jole

Terra Jole is estimated to be worth $1 million. The actress-producer from Texas earns her major share of money from her acting and singing. She also is a song writer and singer. Terra Jole had released two other own music singles and a children song album which was dedicated to her daughter.

Terra Jole is a very intelligent woman. Apart from being a actor and a singer she also is a producer. Terra Jole had been producer of two reality TV shows. Terra Jole is an international star and has been executive producer of Lifetime Channel’s TV shows, namely, Little women, L.A and Terra’s little family. Also she has been involved in production team of Little Women, ATL and Little Women NY”. She is at present a member of Producers Guild of America.

Terra Jole, prior to her success in television Reality Shows , was seen in cameo roles in numerous projects. She can be spotted in Jackass 3D, The Hung-over Games, CSI, and in theatrical adaptation of Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. In 2014, she was seen sharing stage with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Cindi Lauper and T-Pain . Terra Jole wrote and released her own song “Booty Bee”.

Terra Jole loves her daughter too much. She had Released Penny’s Playlist a album of children songs dedicated to her daughter. It was a contemporary style music album. Terra also had launched a website MiniMama.com, a website that features the problems and challenges of being a parent.

Terra Jole is an efficient and family oriented woman. She always keep balance between her family life and her work. She was seen most lately in dancing reality show, dancing with the stars. She keep in touch with her fans via social media. She made a controversial statement that she was suffering from a condition while shooting for Dancing with the Star. She was seen in Little Women LA season 6 premieres.

Terra Jole, a celebrity from Lone star state is a perfect example that to be successful, you need hard work and talent. She always had big dreams and she did achieved that .She had worked hard and defied all the odds to make her dreams come true.