Taryn Manning Net Worth

Who is Taryn Manning and what is her net worth 2018? The ‘Orange is the New Black’ star is a well recognised American singer-song writer, actress and a fashion designer. The actress has been in Hollywood for over 18 years now and is serving the industry with her singing and acting talent. In 2009 she was honoured by Bel Air Film Festival as the ‘Film Fashion Visionary’. She is popular for her multidimensional roles in the movies like Crossroads, Crazy/Beautiful and Hustle &flow;, A lot Like Love, Jack and Jill vs. the World and Weirdsville. She was a State Champion in karate during her childhood days.

Taryn Manning was born in 1978 on 6th November to musician Bill Manning and mother Sharyn Louise. She was born in Virginia around Falls Church. She was only two months old when her parents got divorced. She has a brother name Kellin. After her parents’ separation, she and her brother moved to Tucson, Arizona to live with their mother. Her family survived on a very strict income, Taryn grew up living in a trailer park during most of her youth. Later her family moved to San Diego, California.

Taryn Manning Net Worth

Despite the financial issues in the family, Manning’s mother managed to enrol her in dance, acting and karate classes. During her teenage years, she used to help her mother by working as a waitress and barrister. Her father committed suicide, when Taryn was around 14 years old.

Education: During her early years, she went to a local school near her place. Later she went on to join the Orange County School of Arts in order to complete her education.

Career: Manning entered Hollywood during 1999 with an unaccredited role in ‘Speedway Junky’ and ‘The Specials’. She made her debut with an important role in 2001 with ‘Crazy/Beautiful’

After which the actress has been a part of more than 30 films including ‘White Oleander’, ‘Hustle and Flow’, ‘Cold Mountain’, ‘Lucky 13’, ‘A Lot Like Love’, ‘Weirdsville’, ‘Jack and Jill vs the World’, ‘Kill Theory’, ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, ‘A Winter Rose’, ‘Cleveland Abduction’, ‘It Snows All the Time’, ‘Low Down’, ‘Experimenter’, ‘Horror’, ‘Man Without a Head’, ‘513’, ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’ and several more. The actress has also appeared in several Music videos like ‘Rockstar’ by Nickelback in 2007, Will.i.am’s ‘Yes We Can’, Trains’ ‘50 Ways to Say Goodbye’ etc.

She made her television debut in 1999 with a guest appearance in ‘The Practice’. She got her first television role in 1998’s series ‘Get Real’ where she featured on 9 episodes.

Later she appeared on some other shows like ‘Drive’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘Hawai Five 0’, ‘Oh Sit!’, ‘Banshee’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘Punk’d’ and several more.

She sang her first song in the industry ‘Christmas All Over Again’ with Butch Walker in the duet in 2008. She released her first single ‘So Talented’ in 2009. Later she released a few more songs including ‘Spotlight’, ‘Summer Ashes’, ‘Curiosity’, ‘Free Them’, ‘All the Way’ etc. Taryn released her first solo album ‘Freedom City’ in 2015.

Taryn Manning Net Worth

The actress is earning loads of money from her talent, be it singing or acting or her fine taste in fashion industry. The co-owner of ‘Born Unique’ is estimated to have a net worth of $3.2 million. She is doing well for herself in her career, carving her name with gold in the industry. Part of her net worth comes directly from her clothing brand Born Uniqorn. She is a silent assassin in her multidimensional skill set and has been earning from her talent since her teenage. To meet her basic need the actress has worked as a barista waitress during her education days.

Apart from her acting career the star is known to play a vocalist to electronic duo ‘Boomkat’, playing her musical side for the world.

The actress also co-owns a clothing line with Tara Jane, her best friend; it is called ‘Born Unique’. It was launched in 2005.

Manning also featured in the 2011 April issue of Playboy magazine bearing it all in front of the camera. She is an active supporter of Human Rights Campaign, LGBT Civil rights, breast cancer charities, Save The Music Foundation, Somaly Mam Foundation, which initiates to eliminate human trafficking in Asia.

In 2012, Manning was arrested in an assault case, filed by Holly Hartman, her makeup artist and personal assistant. Later in 2016, she was again accused of attacking Hartman. Hartman claimed to have been a victim of several physical attacks by Taryn, most recent being the one in 2015, in Taryn’s apartment. Images of a beaten and bruised Hartman were leaked and were trending on the internet.

In 2014, she was arrested for violating a restraining order that was filed against her by actress Jeanine Heller complaining a harassment assault in July 2014.

The actress can be seen playing the role of ‘Tiffany’ on Netflix’s hit series ‘Orange Is The New Black’ in which she has been working since season 1, that premiered in 2013.

She has been doing movies since the year 1999; she has appeared in several roles, played distinct characters which included movie genres like drama, comedy and science fiction. She is known for her unique beauty and natural acting talent.