Stephanie Davis Net Worth

Who is Stephanie Davis? What is net worth of Stephanie Davis? Stephanie Davis was born in the year 1993 in Merseyside, England. She was raised in Liverpool together with her two younger brothers. She is a talented actress, singer as well as a television personality. She has been active since the year 2006 up to the present time. At an age of 23, she has proved that she can handle the camera and give it her best to the entertainment industry, therefore, remaining relevant on our screens.

Stephanie Davis was discovered by BBC when they were searching for talent in ‘Over the Rainbow’. Even though she was voted off, she had managed to let the world see the treasures that she has. After that, the great talent she possessed managed to secure her a role in a Soap Opera called Hollyoaks, playing the role of Sinead O’Connor. She played this role for five years and eventually the producers of the program terminated her contract. The reason for her termination was that she was unfit for work. After this, she also managed to secure a place in the Celebrity Big Brother, the seventeenth series. She played her cards so well that she ended up being the runner-up.

Stephanie Davis Net Worth 2017-2018

Other than the above-mentioned entertainment works, Stephanie Davis has also appeared in some episodes of ‘Holby City’ which is a TV Series as well as ‘Doctors’ and ‘Parents Of The Band’. In these works, she has shown forth her excellence in acting, her passion as well as her love for the screens. By executing her roles with such grace and effortlessly, she has shown the world that she knows how to handle her business. These various roles have grown her so much in terms of her career.

Stephanie Davis began her acting career while she was just eight years old. She managed to secure herself a role in ‘The Sound of Music’ which was a Liverpool production by Empire Theatre. She played the role of Grete. When she was ten years she also played the role of Annie in the production of ‘Annie’ and also as Nell in the production of ‘Her Benny’. From there she grew bigger and better and that is why she appears on our screens.

Stephanie Davis Net Worth

Stephanie Davis net worth is approximated to be $3.5 million US dollars as of 2017. This is primarily calculated from all the artistic works she has been involved in over the years. Considering that she has been active since 2006, this is not a below-range net worth, therefore, comparing her to other celebrities her age would be a great mistake. Everyone has their own definition of success. From where I am standing, she has done well for herself and she keeps doing great things.

Stephanie Davis had a relationship with Zayn Malik who is a singer as well as an excellent songwriter. She was also involved with Charlie Clapham who is an actor. These relationships did not last long. She later got together with Sam Reece who is a model. When she joined Celebrity Big Brother House, Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece were in a relationship. However, things did not end well with them as Stephanie Davis got entangled with a fellow housemate called Jeremy McConnel.

After Celebrity Big Brother, they continued dating even though it was an On-and-off kind of relationship. Even so, they also did not last for long and they each went their separate ways. Around May last year, Stephanie Davis announced she was pregnant and she gave birth early this year to a bouncing baby boy. Jeremy McConnell, for some reason, has reasons to believe the child is not his.

As an actress who is still penetrating the entertainment industry, she managed to get nominations for two categories in the British Soap Opera Awards. Hollyoaks won her a nomination for Best Actress as well as Best Dramatic Performance. Even though she did not get the awards, it sure felt good to be recognized in the industry.

This just shows that her efforts have been seen and soon enough they will pay off. It is just a matter of time.

Stephanie is only becoming better and better and she will soon wear her name like a brand.