Somaya Reece Net Worth

Who is Somaya Reece and what is her net worth 2018? Somaya Reece is a hip hop artist and famous actress. Somaya Reece was born on 17 June 1977 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Somaya had minor film roles played in American Psycho as well as in The Scorpion King.

Somaya Reece was brought up in a garage to a migrant Latino family washing houses as a maid along with her mother in in South Central Los Angeles. Rejecting to be additional statistic living “La Vida Loca” in jail, gangs, feeling a fatal gang connected death scare. Somaya Reece was definite to transform her life and start her expedition to great undertakings.

Somaya Reece Net Worth

In year 2011, Somaya Reece was familiar as a “Female Emcee You Need To Know” in popular XXL magazine. Having more than 31 million views and over 865,000 friends, Somaya Reece, known as 1 Latina artist on MySpace has effectively established to be a viral advertising inspiration. Before launching her myspace page, despite of her punitive nurture, Somaya Reece attained an inspiring and all-embracing resume.

Somaya Reece has by now established to be more than a triple menace in ordinary media. Somaya is recognised more as skilfully trained actress under the direction of Aaron Speiser who has been accountable for the immaculate acting techniques behindhand several of today’s topmost actors. Somaya Reece’s varied flair has effectively crossed over from acting career, to being the most efficacious autonomous artist of our time.

Somaya started her career with speaking roles done in films and in form of a comedic marketable actress. Somaya’s DIY approach, an exclusive digital tactic of viral marketing has media and fans across the globe talking. Somaya has single handed made it possible over into the UK radio stations, creating a huge fan base. Somaya Reece’s music has been established in the music industry with great open arms and was also named the Latina Missy Elliot with the late Selena’s modest tactic.

Somaya Reece started a relationship with Lady Luck, while she formerly dated Twilight actor named Kellan Lutz.

Education: Somaya Reece dropped out of school at an early age of eleven but was finally acknowledged into the University of California, Los Angeles.

Somaya Reece Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of Somaya Reece is around $4.5 million. The total net worth and earnings of Somaya Reece have been made from her acting as different roles in many films, her singing career, her brand endorsements, business deals, etc.

Somaya Reece has self-sufficiently attained more than 4.5 million spins in only short period of ten and a half weeks for her debut single entitled “Mira Mi Pum Pum”. The particular album debuted on show entitled “Latino Top 20 Countdown” along with Nico Jones on prevalent Latin radio station named Latino 96.3.

Somaya Reece lives in a lavish house located in Los Angeles California. Among some luxurious car Somaya owns, one is Mercedes Benz.

Somaya Reece’s present projects highlight her personal clothing line as well as clothing store and the No. 1 fitness blog source for famous “A Realistic Approach To Fitness”. Somaya worked on VH1 that follows her expedition to lead it in the acting industry while shifting across Country from Los Angeles to New York City without recognising anybody.

Being a musician, starting career at the early age of 9, Somaya was stimulated by the former Celia Cruz to perform the violin receiving her honours as the principal in her public school chorus, and now signing for 3 record deals.

On Somaya’s website named, she is retailing 5 Day Smoothie Slimdown Booklet. Apart from this, Somaya is also contributing there detox, juicing powders, or fiber cleanse.

Before some time, Somaya Reece and Lady Luck make are a stylish bartending couple. They both have appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live collaborating with host Nene Leakes on Bravo.

Somaya Reece is a beautiful and multi-talented artist having contributed her acting as well as singing entertaining the audience. Somaya has appeared on many renowned albums and films, adding to her popularity.