Skai Jackson Net Worth

Who is Skai Jackson and what is her net worth 2018? Skai Jackson is a cute adorable American child actress. Skai had portrayed the role of Zuri Ross on Disney Channel TV serial Jessie. Apart from many TV series ,Skai has been the part of many movies, that includes names like The Smurfs and G.I Joe Retaliation. Skai Jackson started her acting career early and appeared in many commercials including the Band-Aid bandages. She was also a guest Star in Disney XD’s animated Ultimate Spider Man.

Skai Jackson was born on 8 April, 2002 in New York. Her father is Jacob Jackson and her mother is Kiya Cole .She has one sister and one brother. After divorce of her parents, Skai stays with her mother, Kiya Cole. Skai appeared on small screen when she was only 9 month old. She started as a baby model and had done many commercials and photo shoots. She became a social media superstar; after she was advised by the TV show producer to be active on social media to promote her first show. Skai was just three years old when she starred in Liberty Kid 2007.

Skai Jackson Net Worth 2018-2019

Skai Jackson has been active in the entertainment industry for almost her entire life. Still 14, Skai is very famous in social media .She had 2.7 million followers on her instagram account. At very small age, Skai had influenced one and all by her acting and cuteness. In fact, Marvel has started a new character Riri Williams, the new Iron Man, inspired by her. The famous comic artist, Mike Deodato Jr. confirmed it and tweeted the same.

Skai Jackson Net Worth

Skai Johnson is started net worth is estimated to be $600 thousand. Her countless commercials and modelling assignments add to her net worth. Skai had acted in many movies and her roles in Disney channel adds significantly to her net worth.

Skai Jackson had full faith in her capabilities and believes in never giving up on her dreams. She stated that she was bullied in school for being short and her ethnicity. She, in an interview, advised everyone to stand up against bullying and racism. Skai followed her statement, by tweeting against Azalea Banks , an American Singer. Azalea made an racist comment against former member of One Direction , Zayn Malik. Skai tweeted and stood in support of Zayn Malik and showed the world that she does had a better class than her counterpart Azalea Banks.

Skai Jackson was first seen in Liberty Kid in 2007, Later, she was seen in Rescue Me 2008, The Rebound 2009, Arthur 2011, The Smurfs 2011 G.I Joe Retaliation 2013 and My Dad’s a Soccer mom in 2014. Skai Jackson rose to fame with her agreement with Disney. Her role in Jessie 2011-2015 as Zuri Ross, where she featured in almost 98 episode made her a star she is today.

Skai was first seen on small screen as a prominent character in Team Umizoomi 2010. She was featured in cameo roles in Royal Pains 2010 and Boardwalk Empire 2011. Her first role as lead cast was in Nickelodeon‘s series Bubble Guppies 2011-2013. Skai had done Zuri Ross in TV series like Austin & Ally 2012, Good Luck Charlie 2013, Ultimate Spiderman 2014 , Bunk’d 2015 and K.C undercover .

For her outstanding work as a child actor, she has been nominated for 2016 Image Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a series, Special, Television movie or miniseries. Her future plans include owing a fashion line, directing and producing.

Skai Jackson, still very young is very proactive and a go getter .She always wanted to act and is following her dream of being an actress. But still she is not arrogant and never hesitates for standing up to the bullies. His Stand against Azalea Banks on racism was appreciated by one and all. Skai is someone who stands up for the right.