Sarah Michelle Gellar Net Worth 2019

Who is Sarah Michelle Gellar and what is her net worth 2019? The star known majorly for her acting in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Buffy in 1992 with many other awards and singing credits with her is no other than Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is known for her marvellous acting, singing, and productions over the time and we will talk about net worth of Sarah Geller. The name is from her professional basis since she changed the real life name after she got married. Her career started very early with the audition for a TV film, An Invasion of Privacy and here we will study about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Net Worth.

Early Life

Sarah Geller was born in 1977, in the New York City to Rosellen and Arthur Geller. She is the only child to Rosellen who was a school teacher and Arthur Geller, a worker of Garments. Her parents were divorced when she was just seven years old and thus was raised by her mother in the Upper East Side of the city.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Net Worth

She started working at a very young age and apart from that she was a figure skater. She also won the fourth position in Tae Kwon Do that took place at Madison Square Garden. She also received a partial scholarship for studying at the “Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School” because her mother was unable to pay for the tuition. Sarah, then graduated with a 4.0 grade from “Professional Children’s School” since she could not continue at the previous ones with regular absences.

Geller met her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr in 1997 while they were filming for a teen horror movie. They started dating in 2000 and finally got married in 2002. They are parents to a daughter, Charlotte and a son, Rocky.


Sarah’s career started at the age of four, by being spotted at a restaurant. She continued doing advertisements and modelling alongside minor roles in TV shows during the 1980’s. She was cast in a show in 1992 called Swans Crossing and that was her big break. She also won an Emmy for the soap All My Children. In 1997, she acted as Buffy for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also did several songs during her episodes in shows and continued that even when she was doing movies. She has hosted the Show Saturday Night Live and has made appearances on other shows too. Her main roles were in the movies Scream, I know what you did last summer, simply irresistible etc.

Two of the major awards of her life would be the Emmy that she won for “All My Children” as a Young Actress in 1995 and the Saturn award she received for Buffy in Buffy the vampire slayer in the year 1999.

Net Worth of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Geller has almost been out of the industry for a while now, but despite that, her net worth is almost $17 million. She used to earn around $100,000 for every single episode she was casted in. Everyone has their own significance and style of earning. She has earned her way through it by singing, producing and acting marvellously in the industry.

Despite being away for quite some time, her name is very known and famous in the industry because of her work during her time, from signing to production and to acting, she is a name people will remember.