Sarah Gadon Net Worth

Who is Sarah Gadon? What is net worth of Sarah Gadon? Born on 04 April 1987 at Toronto, Ontario, Sarah Gadon is a Canadian actor famous for her notable performances in TV and films. Her father is a psychologist and her mother, a teacher. She has a brother by the name of James Gadon. Belonging to a humble family, Sarah had a great interest in acting and dancing from a very young age. It was an advantage as well that she had one of the most beautiful faces in town. There was no way the talent scouts could ignore her. She got her first chance to act at the age of 10 years when she did the role of Julia in an episode of La Femme Nikita.

She did guest appearances on TV shows as well, the most famous among them being, ‘Are you afraid of the Dark’. Her biggest moment came when she portrayed the character of Cassie Redner in the TV series, ‘The Eleventh Hour’.

Sarah Gadon Net Worth 2017-2018

She is an extremely beautiful actor with a picture perfect figure as well. She has a bewitching smile to floor a hundred men at one stroke. However, it is strength of her character that there are no affairs worth the salt in her name. She is about 30 years old today. She has survived in this industry for 20 years without a single scandal or rumor. This is a tremendous achievement by any standards.

She has won two awards for Cosmopolis and Enemy in 2012 and 2014 respectively. In addition, she is the recipient of the Birks Canadian Diamond jointly with Emily Hampshire.

Education: She had a great love for dancing and acting since childhood. However, that did not prevent her from having a decent formal education at the same time. She spent time at the national Ballet School of Canada at the Claude Watson School for the Performing Arts. She completed her high school education from Vaughan Road Academy as an Ontario scholar. She joined the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies Institute at Innis College to hone her acting and dancing skills.

Sarah Gadon Net Worth

Sarah Gadon net worth is around $1.4 million US dollars as of 2017. Considering the fact that she is around for the past twenty years, this amount might look to be on the lower side. People with lesser experience have shown a greater worth than she has. However, we cannot dispute the facts, especially in the absence of any information to the contrary.

Sarah Gadon Assets

She had humble beginnings in life with her parents coming from a non-filmy background. She had to struggle her way through life. Hence, she considers her family as her biggest assets. As far as material assets are concerned, she must be having them in good numbers because she has a net worth of $1.6 million US dollars. She is still young and is successful as well today. However, her biggest asset has always been her bewitching smile. It can disarm anybody within seconds of meeting her.

Sarah Gadon Business Model

She attained fame at a very young age of 10 years. In fact, she did not take any break at all. She has always been busy with some film or TV serial all the time. She did some memorable roles in dark comedies as well such as Siblings. One of her greatest work has been the role of Cassie Redner in the TV series, The Eleventh Hour.

She has some other movies to her credit such as A Dangerous Method, The Moth Diaries, and the Amazing Spiderman 2. In spite of her successes in her youth, people remember her more for the portrayal as Julia in the TV show La Femme Nikita. By Hollywood standards, she had a moderately successful career.

She is still active doing TV serials and short films. At present, she is filming her latest film, The Death and Life of John F Donovan. She is playing the role of Liz Jones in the film.

With a smile as beautiful as Sarah’s it is no surprise that she has no enemies at all. She is an extremely friendly type of girl. However, it does come as a surprise that there is no scandal or rumor linking her with anybody. It is an exemplary achievement given the fact that even younger and inexperienced actors have fallen prey to such temptation.