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The American actress, Rhonda Ross Kendrick is best known for her role Toni Burrell in ‘Another World’. She was nominated for ‘Daytime Emmy Award’ in 1998. Daughter of Diana Ross, a famous singer of 70’s, followed the same path to fame as her mother. Although Rhonda can be considered a former actress in Hollywood, she hasn’t worked in the industry since 2000. Her last appearance on screen was as Laurie on ‘Girlfriend’.

Ross Kendrick Biography and Family

Rhonda Ross Kendrick AKA Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein born on 14th August, 1971 to mother Diana Ross, who was a singer and actress, and father Berry Gordy who founded Motown. At the time of Rhonda’s birth, her mother was still married to Robert Ellis Silberstein, her first husband. Although all three people involved in the affair knew about her parents, yet she was denoted as Silberstein’s daughter in the public. She came to know about her real father when she was 13. And she claims that the news was a relief to her, as she always felt distress when she compared the difference in physical appearance with her sisters.

Ross Kendrick Net Worth 2017-2018

The actress has 11 siblings from both her parents’ side. She is the eldest of Diana Ross’s five kids – Tracee joy Silberstein, Chudney Lane Silberstein, Ross Arne Naess and Evan Olav Naess.

And she comes seventh amongst Berry Gordy’s eight children – Hazel Joy Gordy, Berry Gordy IV, Terry James Gordy, Kerry Ashby Gordy, Sherry Gordy, Kennedy William Gordy and Stefan Kendal Gordy, who is known as Redfoo, a member of LMFAO.

Rhonda married jazz musician, pianist and producer Rodney Kendrick in 1996. The couple gave birth to their son Raif Henok Emmanuel Kendrick in 2009.

She worked with a firm named Citi Habitats as an agent for two years. This motivated her to set on her own, so she founded a real estate brokerage titled the ‘Ross Realty International’ in 2008 in New York City.

Education: She completed her schooling, and graduated from Brown University.

Career: The actress debuted in the world of cinema in 1985 with a theatrical film ‘The Last Dragon’. In 1992, she contributed in her mother’s television documentary ‘Diana Ross Live! The Lady Sings… Jazz & Blues: Stolen Moments’. She made her debut in a television movie ‘Out of Darkness’ in 1994.

Later in 1997, she became a part of her first television series ‘Another World’, following ‘Oddville, MTV’, ‘Cosby’, ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. She has done theatrical films like ‘Franchesca Page’ in 1998 and ‘Personals’ in 1999.

Ross Kendrick Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $4.3 Million US Dollars

The actress has been working since 1985, following the footsteps of her mother, and trying to become a successful actress. Working since so many years, Rhonda has managed to build a net worth of $4.3 million US dollars as of 2017. Rhonda also has an established side business; the actress is currently the owner of a brokerage real estate company.

Ross Kendrick Business Model

The former American actress is a real estate brokerage agent now, with her own company ‘Ross Realty International’ located in New York City, established since 2008.

Rhonda has never been embarrassed about her birth story, rather she likes to talk about it. She doesn’t mind talking about how she discovered her real father Berry Grody at the age of 13. She has been attached to him since her childhood, as Berry was a close family friend. After the big reveal, he started showering her with all the fatherly love that was due for all these years. She was close to both of her fathers and never felt any kind of partiality being held against her.

In 2014, Rhonda gave tribute to her mother, Diana by performing a Jazz concert for her fans in New York’s Birdland Jazz Club. She looked like an epitome of the legendary Motown singer while performing her songs. She was also seen performing at her brother Evan Ross’s wedding with Ashlee Simpson in 2015

Rhonda is not active currently as an actress. Rather she enjoys her business woman side. She is making millions out of every deal she signs. We would love to see the ‘Girlfriend’ star on the big screen again, since has given some fabulous performances and Hollywood would definitely like to get more of it.