Roseanne Barr Net Worth 2018

Who is Roseanne Barr and what is her net worth 2018? Roseanne Barr is a famous American actress, comedian, and a filmmaker as well. She has also excelled his career as a stand-up comedian where she has achieved huge appreciation. Roseanne has gained immense popularity and success in various fields of work. She is extremely an ambitious lady who has earned her net worth in an impeccable way. The net worth of Roseanne is worth noticing and worth knowing as she has alone managed to acquire everything.

Early Life

Roseanne Barr is an American birth and was born on 3rd November 1952 in Salt Lake City, United States. She belonged from a working-class Jewish family. Roseanne’s mother Helen was a bookkeeper and his father Jerome Harshel Barr was a cashier by profession. She had a tough childhood with his family. She has a lesbian sister Geraldine Barr and a gay brother Ben Barr.

Roseanne Barr Net Worth

At the age of 3, she suffered from Bell’s palsy but after some time she got cured miraculously as this disease was just temporary. Then again at the age of 16, she went through a brain injury that led to her institutionalisation at the Utah State Hospital. At the age of 18, she left her family and home and never came back to her parents.

Roseanne Barr tried her luck in marriage for three times and three times she ends up in divorce. Firstly in 1974, she got married to Bill Pentland who was a clerk by profession. They together have three children two daughters Jessica and Jennifer and one son Jake. After 16 years of marriage, they split up and ends in divorce. In 1990, she got married for the second time and this time she got hitched to Arnold who a comedian by profession. This marriage lasted for only 4 years. In 2003, she started dating Johnny Argent and presently she lives with him in Hawaii.


In 1980, Roseanne tried her luck in the career of a stand-up comedian and used to perform her acts in local clubs at Denver and Colorado.

At one point in her life, she has been a master in doing comedy act and got a lot of appreciations from the people and audiences. That was a turning point in her life and she made appearances in popular shows like ‘Late Night with David Letterman’, ‘The Comedy Store’, and ‘The Tonight Show’ where she exhibited her comedy skills.

In 1987, Roseanne started her own comedy show ‘Roseanne Barr Show’.

She has again launched her own show ‘Roseanne’ on the popular television channel ABC.

Roseanne career graph was always up as she tried her skill and talent in doing various activities like giving voice-over for various shows and appearing on ‘Saturday Night Live’ for entertaining purpose.

In 1989, she launched her first autobiography titled ‘Roseanne- My Life as a Woman’. In 1994, she released her second autobiography titled ‘My Life’.

In 1998, Roseanne tried her acting skill in theater and played the character of ‘Wicked Witch of the West’.

In 2006, she took a break from the entertainment industry and started appearing in television as a stand-up comedian in the ‘Roseanne Barr: Blond N Bitchin’.

Roseanne Barr has won several awards and worldwide appreciations from the people. She has won five People Choice Award, Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, TV Land Award, three American Comedy Award, and lastly the GLAAD Media Award.

Net Worth of Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr rage on television and stage were both powerful and extraordinary. She has tried her luck in both the field and earned huge success and recognition from the people all across the world. Roseanne can be considered as a woman of a super diva and a potential personality. She has left everyone awestruck with her incredible performance as an actor as well as a stand-up comedian. Her total net worth is about $85 million.

To sum up we can say that, the famous stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr is an incredible performer who has great potential and capability to excel her talent and proficiency to an impeccable altitude level.