Rosanna Pansino Net Worth

Rosanna Pansino is the creator of the famous baking show, Nerdy Nummies, she’s a baker and an actress. Rosanna is one of the most female influencers on YouTube, she is also the author of The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. She appeared in many famous TV series and films including CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and a season of the popular horror film, Saw.

Rosanna Pansino Biography

Rosanna Pansino was born on June 8 1985, in Seattle, Washington. She has one younger sister, her name is Molly, she works in the finance niche and she has a lot of followers on social media platforms, most of them became her fans because her sister introduced her online. There’s no information on her parents other than mentioning that they helped her in filming most of her YouTube videos.

Rosanna Pansino Net Worth 2017-2018

Rosanna’s private life is not much revealed. Rumors say that she had a relationship with the award winning actor Josh Sussman but they broke up. Last confirmed relationship she talked about is with another YouTuber, his name is Mike Lamond, they are still together now but not married yet and it seems like they’ve been business partners along with being a couple.

After Rosanna’s successful appearance in TV series, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and a sitcom called Parks and Recreation, she just wanted to go on with her career being a professional actress. She was cooking for her friends and family so her grandmother saw her baking talent and told her that she should become a baker.

Rosanna graduated from college then moved to Los Angeles and started her own company “Nerdy Nummies” in 2011. Mike Lamond was only her friend back then, he told her that she should start doing YouTube videos, so she did, and now she has many online followers and viewers who like her personality and her baking videos.

Rosanna also won and was nominated for many awards. In 2015, Rosanna released her cookbook The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook which features her recipes and it became one of the best sellers. Rosanna Pansino now goes on tours across the United States.

How much is Rosanna Pansino Net Worth in 2017

Rosanna Pansino created her YouTube channel in 2010 and now her channel has almost 9 million subscribers, she says that every year she makes around $2.5 million US dollars only from her channel. In 2012, Rosanna won the vote for Queen of the Web with more than 3 million votes. When it comes to awards, in 2013, she won the Shorty Award for Best in Food and in 2016 she won the Kikkoman Breakout Foodies of the Year Taste Award.

Her book, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook was on the list of bestseller and in 2015 the book was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Food & Cookbooks. Rosanna also owns a luxury car that cost more than $50 thousand US dollars. Rosanna now has a net worth of $10 million US dollars as of 2017.

Rosanna Pansino is a very talented American baker and actress, she has almost 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 2 billion YouTube video views. Rosanna is now 32 years old living in Los Angeles, California.