Rhona Mitra Net Worth

Rhona Mitra is acknowledged as an English model, actress, singer, and also worked as songwriter. She started her career initially in form of a model. Moreover, she rose to prominence in form of the Lara Croft based model during period of 1997 as well as 1998. After finishing her stint as Lara Croft, the actress focused on acting and also she is acknowledged for her characters played as Marie Begins right on season six for Party of Five.

She too got fame playing as Wilson on last term of The Practice as well as the first two terms of Boston Legal; playing as detective named Kit McGraw on season three of Nip/Tuck; in leading role of a science fiction movie entitled as Doomsday; playing as Sonja within Underworld: Rise of the Lycans; playing as Major Rachel Dalton for seasons three and four of Strike Back; and playing as Dr. Rachel Scott in initial two terms of The Last Ship. From above, you can simply imagine how high the net worth of Rhona Mitra is, get more details below:

Rhona Mitra Net Worth 2017-2018

Mitra basically belonged to Hampstead, situated in London. She is a daughter of Anthony, recognized as a cosmetic surgeon and Nora. The actress’ father is essentially of Bengali and Indian origin, whereas her mother belonged to Irish origin. She too has one brother named Jason, two years elder to her, and one younger brother named Guyan, recognized as a travel writer mainly for Lonely Planet as well as The Sunday Times.

Rhona Mitra was featured as a live action type model for Lara Croft, known as the leading character in Tomb Raider based video game chain prior Angelina Jolie accepted that role for two different Tomb Raider movies. It is found that Mitra was graded at number 46 on Maxim Hot 100 Women of year 2001.

Besides, she played a passionate interest of Lambert inside Beowulf. The actress’ leading main role originated as criminal love interest of Scott Wolf on Party of Five. It was in year 2000 that Mitra obtained minor role in a film entitled as Hollow Man. Moreover, she got leading role in a medical drama entitled as Gideon’s Crossing, in form of Dr. Alejandra “Ollie” Klein.

Also, she later got roles in Sweet Home Alabama, Ali G Indahouse, Stuck on You, as well as lead roles in Highwaymen as well as Spartacus. Mitra even featured in the last term of The Practice in form of Tara Wilson, and sustained this role inside its spin-off i.e. Boston Legal, however did not continued in its next season.

In year 2005, she performed a role of Kit McGraw in third season of Nip/Tuck. Later, she appeared in The Number 23 , Skinwalkers, as well as Shooter.

Apart from this, in year 2008, she was featured in a leading role of a science fiction or action based film entitled as Doomsday in role of Major named Eden Sinclair. Besides, she was featured inside year 2009 in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans in role of Sonja. Also, she performed in three different occurrences of Stargate Universe.

During year 2014 as well as 2015, she performed as Dr. Scott in initial two season post-apocalyptic TV series by of Michael Bay, entitled as The Last Ship. Recently in year 2017, she performed as Charlotte inside the season four for The Strain named TV series.

How much is Rhona Mitra Net worth in 2017

Being an English actress, singer and model, Rhona Mitra succeeded to earn an estimated net worth of $8 million US dollars(as of 2017). Whether it is a science fiction or action based film or a video game based film, Mitra worked superb in different genres of films till date. Apart from films, appearance in leading TV series’ episodes and seasons facilitated her to earn higher.

You can easily identify Rhona Mitra as her sultry voice and extended dark hair are basically her trademark characters. Right from 1990s till date, the actress was featured in different films, TV series and in some commercials.