Rachel Nichols Net Worth

Who is Rachel Nichols? What is net worth of Rachel Nichols? The actress who uplifts the spirits with her stunning looks is smart in her business. Rachel Nichols, born as Rachel Emily Nichols is an American model and actress. The Hollywood personality has successfully managed to create a huge fan base through her smoking hot looks and incredible acting skills. Rachel has been a vital part of many popular Hollywood movies like Star Trek, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Conan The Barbarian.

Rachel was born in Maine, US in 1980. Her father Jim is a school teacher. Her mother’s name is Alison. She was not as hot back then as she is now. She lacked the quality of models or actresses. Her body language was not at all fascinating and for this reason she chose dancing. The dance classed edged her body movements and bestowed her with a charming personality.

Rachel Nichols Net Worth 2017-2018

Nichols never thought of a modeling or acting career till she was noticed by a modeling agent. She was invited to Paris and her improved body language and gorgeous personality helped her bag few paid advertising campaigns. She managed her tuition fees with those bucks. She has led campaigns for many big brands like Loreal, Fitch and Guess. Rachel came into highlights with the MTV specials that she hosted. She got her big Hollywood entry with Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. The movie was a prequel to the super hit movie Dumb and Dumber.

Nichols played a reporter’s role in that movie. Her career was shining on and she bagged few more decent roles in the movies like The Amityville Horror and The Woods. She s also a part of a TV series The Inside which had big production issues at that time and only 13 episodes of the series were aired. She also had a small role in Alias. The movie P2 gave her the role she always deserved. She played a sexy business woman in that movie and it was a leading character.

Nichols was also a major part of the GI Joe franchise – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Her cinema career didn’t take that unbelievable flight yet, but she has bagged many good roles in various television shows and series. In 2008, she married Scott Stuber, a film producer but the marriage didn’t last long. The couple parted their ways in 2009. The gorgeous actress found love again and married Michael Kershaw in 2014.

Education: People may love her stunning personality, but a very few folks know that she was a damn good student during her school and college days. She completed her basic education from her native place only. Nichols attended Cony High School and completed her graduation from there. Later, she chose Columbia University to pursue her career as a Wall Street analyst. She had economics, psychology and drama as her primary graduation subjects. She is a double major in economics and maths and this adds to her glory.

Rachel has been seen more in the television shows, series and advertisements than the Hollywood flicks. She has chosen a wide spectrum of characters in her career, many of which were challenging and tried to justify each one giving her best shot. Her impactful performances can be seen in –
• P2
• The Amityville Horror
• The Woods
• Conan The Barbarian
• The Inside TV Show
• Alias TV Show
• Continuum TV Show
Her critically acclaimed performances, for which she has won awards can be seen in the Underwater and Continuum TV shows.

Rachel Nichols Net Worth

Rachel has bagged many good roles in different TV shows, but she was always clear with her choices. She hasn’t made a fortune in this industry, but she loves the preferences in her personal and professional life. She has a Net Worth of $2.5 Million US dollars as of 2017 and most of it is as a result of choosing G.I Joe and Alias, which were also breakthroughs in her career.

Rachel Nichols Assets

Rachel has nothing extravagant in her life except her modified Range Rover with BMW engine. She was seen enjoying her rides in her breathtaking beast car back in 2012.

Rachel Nichols Business Model

She is happy with her movie and television career and enjoying her personal life with her husband to the fullest. Rachel is not involved with any business at the moment.

Nichols seems to be very happy in her personal life with her special man. She is not planning any movie in the recent time. She tweeted on 1st March which said – “STORY OF MY LIFE: 1. Order pizza 2. Add jalapeño 3. Eat two pieces 4. Start sweating 5. Save the rest 6. Begin desperate search for milk. This tweet surely unveils the monster foodie in her.

Rachel Nichols has not a big buddy circle, but she enjoys her life with her limited but firm buddy circle, her caring husband and her decently going acting career.