Rachel Hunter Net Worth

Who is Rachel Hunter? What is net worth of Rachel Hunter? Rachel Hunter is a supermodel and she was born on 8th September 1969 in Glenfield, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Her parents, Wayne Hunter and Janeen Hunter got divorced when she was a small child. She has a sister named as Jacqui Hunter. She had a desire to become a ballet dancer, but her all dreams got shattered as she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease while she was a teenager, and that curtailed all her dancing ambitions.

Rachel made her debut with the modeling career and turned to a renowned supermodel, and later to a prominent actress. She did anchoring and renowned herself as the host of Imagination Television’s famous show Rachel’s Tour of Beauty. She appeared in several fashion shows, she did modeling for magazine covers for prominent brands including Italian Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Rachel Hunter Net Worth 2017-2018

Rachel began her career at the tender age of 17, and her modeling career was bonded in Australia and New Zealand. She was appearing in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and various campaigns, it was only limited to Australia and New Zealand.

In her early twenties, she married rock star Rod Stewart, who was 24 years senior to her, but before that, in 1980’s she was living with musician Kip Winger. Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart married on 15 December 1990 and had two children named as Renee and Liam. The happy family didn’t last long as they both got separated in January 1999, and their divorce was finalized on 2nd November 2006. Later, she had a relation with HL hockey player Jarret Stoll who was playing for the Los Angeles Kings. He was 13 years junior to her, they got engaged and planned to marry in August 2009, but the marriage was called off.

Education: Rachel started her career at a very tender age of 16 as she was discovered by a photograph and got an offer for modeling. She faced emotional trauma as her parents got divorced when she was pretty young. There is no such description available about her education.

Rachel Hunter Net Worth

Rachel Hunter has a net worth of $70 million US dollars as of 2017. She is presently residing in the United States as a naturalized citizen, whereas she is born citizen of New Zealand. She has many assignments in her hand as she is the host of a reality TV show, she does modeling as well and a prominent actress. She got divorced from her ex-husband Rod Stewart and divorce was finalized with a price tag of $66 Million.

Rachel Hunter’s Assets

Rachel has a five bedroom and five bathroom in Hollywood, which she has put on sale in and real estate market estimate it’s cost as $6.9 Million. The house is a place which has been transformed into a beauty by her as she has a great taste for different contents. The special attraction is the large walk-in closet which is combined with a shoe closet.

Rachel Hunter’s Business Model

Rachel is engaged in modeling business and she has many projects in her hand. She did many famous roles in different movies of Hollywood. Presently she is an anchor of a reality TV show. She has her involvement in few social welfare projects as well.

Rachel is a celebrity which is always in news for her different aspects of living and bold behavior. She has openly disclosed about her personal life’s destruction, even about her heartbreaks on various occasions. Now her daughter Renee, the daughter from her first marriage with Rod Stewart is going to follow the path of her mother and she has entered modeling and also adopted dancing career, which her mother couldn’t take due to her disease.

At last, there are few words to describe her personality, that she is a lady of free soul and like to live her life in her own way. She has a remarkable professional life which a woman can definitely jealous of, but her personal life was very much disturbed and on few occasions, she shared her experience with her fans. In an interview, she admitted that her decision to marry Rod at a young age of 21 was a wrong step on the path of life.