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Who is Portia De Rossi? What is net worth of Portia De Rossi? Born on 31st January 1973, Portia De Rossi is a well renowned Australian-American actress, and a great model. She became immensely popular after her acting in a political thriller television series namely Scandal. She performed the role of Elizabeth North who was the Vice President’s Chief of Staff in the series.Apart from this, she is also variantly known for her roles as lawyer Nelle Porter on television series namely Ally McBeal.

She even won Screen Actors Guild Award, which is one of main awards, for that in the year 1999. Also, popularized series include Arrested Development in which she was depicted as Lindsay Funke. She also got featured in Better Off Ted wherein she played the role of Veronica Palmer. Another such admired TV drama is Nip in which she played the role of Olivia Lord.

Portia De Rossi Net Worth 2017-2018

Born in Victoria in Australia, she is daughter of Margaret and Barry Rogers. Her father died when she was merely nine years old and so she grew up in Grovedale where she modeled for multitude TV commercials. She was supported extensively by her mother. Otherwise, she was educated at Melborne Girls Grammar School and she studied law at University of Melborne.

Portia De Rossi is married to a famous comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres in 2008. In one of her interviews she admitted that she had to struggle with anorexia nervosa as a teenager but she gives credits to her husband for having cared for her.

Education: Her most prominent significant role was as an extremely stunning model in the film Sirens, 1994. After that she moved to Los Angeles where she played multiple roles in various TV shows. Finally, she got a permanent role in Nick Freno .After that she landed playing a part in the renowned film namely Scream 2.

She won her share of international fame in the year 1998 where she joined the main cast of Ally McBeal playing the character of lawyer Nelle Porter. She worked in the show till the end of 2012. Then in 2001, she got starred in Who Is Cletis Tout in which she co partnered the handsome Christian Slater. From the year 2003 to 2006, Rossi performed the role of Lindsay Bluth Fünke on Television’s Arrested Development.

In 2005 she portrayed the part of a fortune-teller named Zela in the thriller series Cursed. From 2007–2008, de Rossi appeared in Tuck’s fifth season as Julia McNamara’s girlfriend, Olivia Lord. Did you know that she was ranked at 69th in Stuff’s 100 sexiest women? All credits to her stunning looks and her confident personality which has made her a real star.

Did you know that she published her own autobiography namely “Unbearable Lightness”? Yes, you heard it right. Apart from acting and modeling, writing is also her passion. No wonder that she is versatile and possesses talent in many fields.

Portia De Rossi Net

Portia De Rossi’s net worth accounts to approximately $22 Million. She owns a splendid mansion of about $39.8 Million. Some of the luxurious cars which she own is Panamera GT which was manufactured by Porsche. She is also fond of owning a collection of items like accessories .

Ellen DeGeneres recently won the Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Animated Movie Voice and Favorite Comedic Collaboration at People Choice Awards in Los Angeles. He was seen with his wife, Portia De Rossi at Madeo where they both were enjoying a romantic dinner. Ellen DeGeneres talked about the role of his wife in his success while giving an interview. The couple was seen together having a romantic dinner at Madeo on 19th January 2017.

Undoubtedly, she is one of the finest actresses and has made a unique place through her great acting skills. Her achievements and success in film making can be credited to her efforts and efforts of her parents. She is a rising star and an inspiration to all those young ladies who wish to achieve indefeasible feats in their lives. Apart from her stunning looks, she is a perfect blend of good humor and personality, all of which is needed to become a great actress. Undoubtedly, her future is bright and her consistent performances have proved that she is the best in the lot.