Pam Grier Net Worth 2018

Who is Pam Grier and what is her net worth 2018? Pam Grier (original name: Pamela Suzette Grier) is recognised as an American based actress. She turned famous during era of early 1970s for featuring in a sequence of women in prison as well as blaxploitation movies such as The Big Bird Cage, Coffy, Foxy Brown and Sheba Baby. Net worth of Pam Grier is amassed chiefly from her career in actress, get more details below:

Early Life

Grier belonged to Winston-Salem, located in North Carolina. She is known to be a daughter of Gwendolyn Sylvia, known as a nurse and a homemaker, and Clarence Ransom Grier, Jr., the one who served as a mechanic as well as Technical Sergeant in United States Air Force. Talking about her siblings, she is having a sister and a brother. Moreover, she has mentioned that she is basically of mixed lineage containing of Hispanic, African-American, Filipino, Chinese and Cheyenne Indian inheritance.

Pam Grier Net Worth

Due to the military career of her father, her family relocated often in her childhood, to several places like England, and ultimately got settled in Denver. Here, she appeared in a high school. Staying here, she performed in many stage productions, and also partook in beauty contests in order to fund money for her college tuition.

Grier was relocated to Los Angeles, in California, during year 1967, and here she was originally employed as a receptionist in American International Pictures (briefly as AIP). Working below bond at AIP, the actress converted a chief of early era of 1970s blaxploitation movies, performing large, bold, self-confident lady, starting with Coffy, in which the actress performed role of a nurse who takes vengeance on drug traders.

The particular film, which was prepared by filming sexual as well as violent components usually of the genre, was known to be a famous box-office hit. She is regarded to be the initial African-American based lady to headline one action film, because protagonists of past blaxploitation movies were men.


During era of late 1990s, she worked as a cast associate of a Showtime series entitled as Linc’s. The actress performed in year 1996 within Escape from L.A. by John Carpenter and in year 1997 by a lead title role in Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino, movies that partially funded homage to her 1970s based blaxploitation films.

Moreover, she was too nominated for many awards on account of her work done in the Tarantino film. It was in year 2010 that she started performing in a recurrent role on a fiction series entitled as Smallville in form of a villain named Amanda Waller.

In year 1998, Pam Grier got engaged to a famous music executive named Kevin Evans; however their engagement terminated in year 1999. During period of year 2000 till 2008, she has dated a marketing executive named Peter Hempel.

Moreover, she even dated basketball player named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, comics named Freddie Prinze, Richard Pryor, as well as Soul Train host named Don Cornelius. Besides, she too had a short-term relationship with a basketball player named Wilt Chamberlain.

Net Worth of Pam Grier

Pam Grier is globally renowned as an actress possessing net worth of $11 million. It was year 1967 which proved to be a turning point as she started working as an actress during this time. She perceived her break during early 1970’s after featuring in a sequence of temperately successful women in prison as well as blaxploitation movies such as “Coffy”, “The Big Bird Cage”, “Foxy Brown”, as well as “Sheba Baby”.

In year 1997, the actress did comeback in the Quentin Tarantino movie entitled “Jackie Brown”. She also worked in television by portraying Kate “Kit” Porter on famous television series entitled as “The L Word” for span of six seasons.

Pam Grier successfully proved that age is just a number in field of acting as even at this age she is working in acting and getting fame. Moreover, a director named Quentin Tarantino commented that she might have been first female action star of cinema.