Nicole Arbour Net Worth

Who is Nicole Arbour and what is her net worth 2018? Nicole Arbour was born in Hamilton, Canada on June 26, 1985 and possesses an array of talents ranging from; acting, comedy, dance, choreography, music, singing and writing. She was a cheerleader for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team ‘Toronto Raptors’. She was also seen in a couple of acting roles in “Howie Do It” and “Silent but Deadly”. On April 30, 2013, her single titled “Bang Bang” was released and after a couple of years in the year 2015 on June 18, another single and also the music video for “Fun Revolution” released.

It was her first Periscope music video for debut. She was also nominated at the Shorty Awards as the ‘Best Comedian’ but the award went to Hannibal Buress. To kick-start her ‘Go Team Movement’, Arbour used her idea of ‘Cheerleader meets Motivational Speaker’ which was one of a kind. She fought back from a devastating car accident which leaft her in chronic pain and used self-motivation to get better. She became a part of a big controversy after she posted a video on her YouTube channel in September 2015.

Nicole Arbour Net Worth 2018-2019

The video was titled “Dear Fat People” and critics commented that it endorsed fat shaming. The video was made temporarily unavailable by You Tube for violating the terms, but was restored later. Arbour’s comments were labelled by model Ashley Graham as ‘downright disgusting’ and were the subject of a lot of criticism. Because of this, she was also reportedly fired from a film by director Pat Mills.

He said that the video was fat-phobic and awful and after the six minute video he felt like someone punched him in the stomach. Arbour denied later in 2015 that she was a part of any Pat Mills film. The after-effects of her video did not stop here. She was fired from another job that she had as a choreographer for a video for kids on anti-bullying. The director of that video said that he never wanted to see Arbour again, after watching her video on You Tube.

To defend herself for her actions in the “Dear Fat People” video, Arbour appeared on “The View” on September 16, 2015. She said in the show that her video wasn’t made to offend people and was just a piece of satire comedy. It was revealed by Time magazine that Arbour did not find her comments to be bullying in nature but a blunt form of truth-telling. Arbour stated that there are worst things in the world to be offended by and words and satire should not be one of them.

Claiming to be in a abusive relationship with Arbour, both physically and emotionally, You Tube personality Matthew Santoro posted a video titled “My Abuse Story” on January 11, 2016. The video was private before Santoro ended the relationship and accidentally made it public and kept it that way due to the support of his fans.

Santoro claims that he was punched in the face by Arbour once and was also driven away from his friends and family because of Arbour’s jealousy. Arbour posted a rude statement on You Tube in response to Santoro’s video. Arbour has also dated Tavis Stanley from the Canadian Rock Band ‘Art of Dying’. The two were named Canada’s Coolest Couple in 2009.

Education: Nicole Arbour belongs to Humber College in Toronto, Canada. She started dancing and acting in theatre when she was very young and was also the captain of the Canadian All Star Dance cheerleading squad in college.

Nicole Arbour Net Worth

The net-worth of this You Tube and Instagram star is $500 thousand, which is pretty good considering the amount of criticism she has received lately. After reportedly being replaced in a few projects, Arbour will be looking to make amends in the coming years.

Arbour has followed the simple so called strategy of being in the lime light. She has somehow managed to be a part of a few controversies in the past couple of years and as they say in the showbiz industry, ‘Any publicity is good publicity.

It seems Arbour has been the subject of attention for many wrong reasons and even though she has received some publicity, she would be looking forward to improve her image in the eyes of her fans. For this reason, she also posted a series of inspiring weight loss stories on her channel and surprised many people. Even after the negative publicity, Arbour has a huge fan base and keeps making videos and posts which receive a larger number of hits than before.