Nancy Reagan Net Worth

Who was Nancy Reagan and what is her net worth? There are women that one cannot help but admire their strength and the role that they played in the society. When you see a woman who can handle power and be great at it, you cannot help but celebrate them the best way that you can. For such a woman, even if they no longer walk the earth, they will always have a special place in the history of a country. One such woman is Nancy Reagan, and even though she is no more, she will be a woman to always remember because of her big heart.

Nancy Davis Reagan born as (Anne Frances Robbins) was born in the year 1921 in March. She was the child to a car salesman called Kenneth Seymour Robbins and an actress called Edith Prescott Luckett. Even so, her parents divorced in 1928, and she was raised by her aunt (the sister of her mother) and uncle.

Nancy Reagan Net Worth

Her mother would travel all over the country depending on where she found an acting gig. Her mother married a neurosurgeon called Loyal Edward Davis, and he adopted Nancy and changed her name to Nancy Davis. She studied at Girl’s Latin School of Chicago and graduated in the year 1939. She then attended Smith College where she took English and Drama as her majors. She also studied law at Pepperdine University and attained an Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree.

Nancy was part of National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis as a volunteer. They performed a short show whose proceeds were meant to be donations for a crusade to be held against polio. She also worked many jobs like sales clerk and also a nurse’s aide. She participated in the tour of Ramshackle Inn and also took part in Lute Song.

After passing a screen test, she signed an acting contract with Metro-Goldwyn Studios Inc. this was when her acting career took a new turn, and all her hard work became noticed nationally and even internationally. She featured in Shadow on the Wall, The Doctor and the Girl, The Next Voice You Hear, and many others. While an actress, she also became part of the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors.

She met her husband, Ronald Reagan while she was an actress and when he became governor, she became the first lady of California. In as much as she disliked living in Sacramento, she chose to stand by her husband through it all. After his term as governor, he went after the presidency and Nancy was of great help as she held luncheons and meetings with many senior citizens. In 1976, their campaigns did not yield the expected fruits, but in 1980, they campaigned again with the former First Lady taking a more active role. The results were amazing as her husband won and became the 40th president making her the first lady.

As the first lady, she was known to be elegant, fashionable, kind, supportive, and conscious of her environment. She brought about a lot of improvements and especially to the white house. She was social and made everyone feel welcomed and loved. She launched the ‘Just Say No’ campaign that was against drug use and it was successful even up to date. Even after her husband’s demise, she stayed politically active and relevant until she met her death in the year 2016 in March. She was 94 years old.

Nancy Reagan net worth

While alive, Nancy Reagan’s net worth was estimated to be around $25 million. With such a net worth, she managed to touch lives and transform lives, and we are proud of what she did.

As the wife of the 40th president of the United States of America, we can only hope that she is resting in perfect peace. She influenced the world positively while alive and for that, America is truly grateful for her efforts.