Moniece Slaughter Net Worth 2018

Who is Moniece Slaughter and what is her net worth 2018? Moniece Slaughter was born on December 1987 in Los Angeles, California to American and African parents. She was raised in Los Angeles in the musical background. She is widely known as a talented TV actress that was famous for VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She is famous for being the ex-girlfriend of Lil’ Fizz, American rapper, and TV personality. They have a son together, however, they broke up and she was seen with Rich Dollaz a creator of management company Dollaz Unlimited. They also broke up in the beginning of 2016.

She has been active in the entertainment industry since her young age. In her career, she has hosted shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and she has also written songs for Akon and Marques Houston. In 2014 she appeared in her most famous show yet, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Moniece Slaughter Net Worth

She has been one of the most interesting personalities in this particular show by viewers. Her attitude made her famous, especially in “Forget or Forget”, episode, where she exposed her criminal past, stated that she was arrested as a Becky.

Net Worth of Moniece Slaughter

She has overall net worth around $1.7 million. Her hark work has been paying off. She wrote songs for Marques Houston and Akon which was hits, so her songwriting career has just started. She sang the theme song for America’s Next Top Model, and she revealed in her last appearance in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood that she returned to the studio, so we can expect more songs from her in the future.

She grew up in a musical family with different talents, for example, her stepfather was a member of the group Take 6, Dave Thomas. This amazing band won 10 Grammy Awards, so he was a mentor of young Moniece Slaughter, and taught her to play drums at an early age.

She has earned a sizable fortune, with more than a million on her account. She made that large portion of the money as a songwriter and also she made a nice income that affected her net worth by starring as the main cast in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality show series. She had a nice and interesting childhood. She was relatively unknown until 2014 when she was offered a spot as the main cast in a reality show that made her very popular and viral.

She had to accept fame and to move along with it; however, it started growing fast. As we said, she did songs for Marques Houston and Akon and sang in America’s Next Top Model show. She was also credited in show “On the set W Jasper Cole”.

She was known as the ex-girlfriend of rapper and contestant in the same show Lil’ Fizz. They have a son together, however, they ended their relationship and it was rumoured that she was in the relationship with Rich Dollaz. Ever since she joined the main cast in reality Vh1 show she started earning more than before. In 2015 she had a net worth of $800K which is great, but if we compare it to 2016 we can see that she earned around $400K in this year, which is the great salary for reality TV star on yearly basis.

She got also a divorce settlement with rapper Lil Fizz, and now she dates same sex, this is another reality experiment that makes her really viral and popular, which could be great for her future jobs and roles. She stated that we could expect a new project and album in 2017, so we can just assume the quality of her future projects.

There were some accusations that she pulled a $109K heist, according to Joe Smith and NBA player. However, she claimed that he gave her that money and that he signed it by himself before he gave it to her.

She already made a first impression so we know now what to expect from her. However, her talented background is something that we cannot count on, and that is the reason why she would become a great star. For now, she took a role of a reality show TV star, but in the future, we can expect only better roles and significant songwriting.