Milla Jovovich Net Worth

Milla Jovovich is an American based actress, musician and model. This actress has made appearance in many science fiction as well as action based films, directing the music channel VH1 at top to consider her the “reigning queen of kick-butt” in year 2006. Net worth of Milla Jovovich is as beautiful as her face and figure, get more details below:

Milla Jovovich Biography

Milla Jovovich birthplace is Kiev, located in Ukrainian SSR. She is a daughter of parents-Galina Loginova, recognized as a Russian based actress and Bogich Jovovich, identified as Serbian. The actress devoted majority of her initial childhood staying in Moscow, in Russian SSR, which is her mother’s native. In year 1980, when she was of age five, her family abandon Soviet Union due to some political causes and settled to London.

Milla Jovovich Net Worth 2017-2018

Her family later arrived to Sacramento, in California, getting settled inside Los Angeles after seven months. Jovovich parents took divorce rapidly after their entrance in Los Angeles. She appeared in public schools prevalent inside Los Angeles, transforming confident in English in just three months. When she was of age 12, Jovovich abandon seventh grade in order to emphasis on modelling, career that she began at age of nine.

Early work of Jovovich with Richard Avedon, Ritz, and Lindbergh led mainly to her achievement in field of advertising, conveying the model contracts as well as covers for Cosmopolitan and Vogue. After then, this celebrity has been presented on over 100 different magazine covers, comprising all the chief fashion magazines prevalent in US. Moreover, she has stayed as a portion of campaigns running for Christian Dior, Banana Republic, Donna Karan, Damiani, Gap, Versace, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Coach, H&M, Giorgio Armani, and Revlon.

In year 2006, this model was selected by Mango, acknowledged as Spanish based clothing line, in form of their latest spokesmodel. Also, she is presented in its ad based campaigns. In year 1985, Galina registered Jovovich when she was of age 10 inside acting classes, Furthermore, while her acting jobs were taken; she began appearing in school for aspiring actors in comparison to attending usual school system.

When she was of age 15, the actress was featured in lead role as Hargrave in Return to the Blue Lagoon, released in year 1991. Due to her beauty and age, she was frequently likened to Brooke Shields, a child model-cum-actress who was featured in original version of Blue Lagoon. In year 2002, Jovovich was featured in action/horror based film entitled Resident Evil. In year 2004, Jovovich worked to repeat role of Alice in one follow-up to Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Later in year 2007, she also repeated her role done i.e. Alice in Resident Evil: Extinction, identified as third of the Resident Evil named series. It is known that Jovovich was prepared to represent Amalia Bezhetskaya in The Winter Queen back in year 2007. But, by the declaration of her pregnancy in that year, this film was delayed. Moreover, Jovovich had also started functioning on one music album in year 1988, during the time she was contracted by SBK Records. This was after this company listened to one demo she recorded in.

How much is Milla Jovovich Net worth in 2017

Milla Jovovich is essentially an actress and model, who also worked as a singer and fashion designer, having net worth of $40 million US dollars as of 2017. In her career, she signed with Prima Modeling Agency and it was from here that he worked on make to appearance on cover of many magazines.

It is found that she has made appearance as model in more than 100 magazines like Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmo. This celebrity also amasses her income by accomplishing advertising campaigns for prestigious companies like Calvin Klein, The Gap, Christian Dior, Revlon, etc.

Milla Jovovich is a beautiful and talented celebrity, known for her works in acting and modelling primarily. On account of her gorgeous looks, Jovovich succeeded in modelling career and featured for many ad campaigns as well.