Mia Farrow Net Worth

Who is Mia Farrow and what is her net worth 2018? Mia Farrow is an American actress, model and a singer. She is famously known for her role in movies such as “Rosemarys Baby,” “True Grit,” “The Great Gatsby” among others. Her first leading role in movies was realised in 1968 on the Rosemary`s Baby movie directed by Roman Polanski. In addition, her role as Allison Mackenzie in the television soap opera “Peyton Place” contributed to her fame. She have appeared in more than fifty films and won various awards including 1 Golden Globe award out of 8 nominations, best actress award at the “San Sebastian International Film Festival and three BAFTA nominations.

Mia Farrow was born in Los Angeles, California on 9th February 1945 to her parents John Farrow and Maureen O`Sullivan. Her father was a movie director while her mother was an Irish actress. She was raised up in Beverly Hills, California as a Roman Catholic. She attended her primary and secondary school education at a Catholic convent ran by nuns. In 1947, she made her first film debut in a short documentary “Unusual Occupations: Film Tot Holiday.” She was a victim of the 500 people who contracted polio during an outbreak in Los Angeles and she was put in a three weeks isolation ward. From that point henceforth, she has always been in the front line in supporting those children who are affected by polio.

Mia Farrow Net Worth 2018-2019

Mia Farrow has been married and divorced twice. When she was getting married for the first time, she was 21 years old and her husband, Frank Sinatra was 51 years old. They divorced in 1968 as a result of their age difference. In 1970, Farrow got married to Andre Previn in London when she was already pregnant with twin boys. Their marriage ended in 1979 and Farrow began a relationship with film director Woody Allen in the same year but their relationship ended in 1992. Mia Farrow has a total of 14 children 10 of them being adopted.

Before Farrow`s acting career, she worked as a fashion model for many years. She made her first credited appearance in 1964 on the `Peyton Place` soap opera. Her first leading role was in Rosemary`s Baby Film in 1968. This contributed a great deal on her being cast later on as Mattie In `True Grit` directed by Henry Hathaway. In the 1970s, she performed in several classical plays such as; Mary Rose, The Three Sisters and Ivanon.

Being the first American actress to join the Royal Shakespeare Company, she has appeared in several films such as “See No Evil” thriller.Farrow supported his spouse Woody Allens in his movies especially in the 1980s and 90s. In conjunction with some of her relatives, she featured in numerous films like “Broadway Danny Rose”. She however ceased to perform on Broadway only for her to return in 2014 in the play “Love Letters” making an extra ordinarily performance in the Broadway.

Mia Farrow Net Worth

Mia Farrow has featured in over fifty films. She has won numerous awards in her career including 1 Golden Globe award out of 8 nominations, best actress award at the “San Sebastian International Film Festival and three BAFTA nominations. Her estimated net worth is $65 million.

Mia Farrow is also a humanitarian who has advocated for human rights in Africa. She is much keen in supporting children’s rights in addition to collecting funds to support children with disabilities.Her magnificent work has earned her numerous humanitarian awards including the Leon Sullivan International Service Award. Time magazine named her as one of the most influential individuals worldwide in 2008.