Melanie Griffith Net Worth 2018

Who is Melanie Griffith and what is her net worth 2018? Melanie Richards Griffith, commonly known as Melanie Griffith is an American actress. As an adolescent in nonspeaking movies, she initiated her profession. She rose to fame for her performance in Body Double. She has also won a Golden Globe and nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress. With all her success, we are left with an open question that what is the net worth of Melanie Griffith? Let’s have a look on the income profile and some more details about her.

Early Life

Melanie Griffith was born on 9th August, 1957 to parents Peter Griffith and Tippi Hedren in Manhattan. She spent part of her time in New York City with her father and some time in California during her childhood and adolescent. Before relinquishing the profession, she performed in advertisements and shortly worked as a child model. She was advanced in her studies which permitted her to omit a grade level and graduate at the age of 16 while attending the Hollywood Professional School.

Melanie Griffith Net Worth

She also supports the attempts of Children’s Hospital aiding to lead walk for Kids to increase funds as part of the community of hospital recognition’s in the maintenance of the opening of a new state-of-the-art paediatric in patient support. As a presenter of Courage to Care Award, she also took part in the 2012 Noche de Ninos gala of the hospital.

Melanie Griffith started dating Don Johnson at the age of 14. From January to July 1976, the relationship climaxed in a 6-month marriage. She was then married to Steven Bauer, her co-star from the TV movie on 8th September, 1981. They had a son. After a long break-up, they both got divorced in 1989. Then in 1996, she was married to Antonio Banderas. But they both got divorced in 2015.


At the age of 9 months in a commercial, Melanie Griffith initiated her acting. She performed as an extra in Smith! and The Harrad Experiment later. Her 1st supreme performance was in Night Moves. Then she performed in the made-for-TV film She’s in the Army now. The career of Melanie was obstructed because of her well-known drug and alcohol addictions. She also appeared in the movie Cherry 2000.

When Mike Nichols cast her as a courageous secretary Tess McGill in the blockbuster hit Working Girl, she gained excellent success. In the urban thriller Pacific Heights, her supreme performance was in the opposite of Matthew Modine. All around the 1990s, she worked uninterrupted in mainstream movies. Of the Democratic Party, she is also a registered representative.

In 1984, Melanie Griffith has won National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 1988, she has won Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress and also Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She has also won Golden Kamera Award for Best International Actress in 1992. She was also nominated for many other awards also.

Net Worth of Melanie Griffith

The net worth of Melanie Griffith has been estimated to be $33 million approximately. She has acquired this huge amount of wealth by making her profession in filmography and TV series. Her hard work, determination and success are responsible for having this huge amount of net worth with her. She is one of the excellent and richest actresses.

Melanie Griffith is an American actress who has won many awards in her lifetime. She is one of the prominent actresses who has achieved good amount of wealth.