Mamrie Hart Net Worth 2019

Who is Mamrie Hart and what is her net worth 2019? Mamrie Lillian Hart is an American actress, writer, performer and comedian. She was born on 22 September 1983 in New Jersey, USA. Hart’s main name Lillian Mamrie is a tribute to her great grandmother. She has two siblings a brother named David Hart and a sister named Annie Hart. Mamrie’s father David Hart is an actor by profession and her mother Anne Tabor is a high school English Teacher. Unfortunately her parents got divorced when she was just 9 years old.

Mamrie gained huge popularity through her YouTube show “You Deserve a Drink”. Due to her popular YouTube channel she won, for Writing the “Craft Award” in 2015 and “Steamy Award” in 2014 for Actress in a Comedy.

Mamrie Hart Net Worth

Hart has a whooping 1.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has crossed a viewership of 74.5 million views on her main channel. Apart from being a performer and a comedian she is a co-writer, co-producer and actor in films like Camp Takota (2014) and Dirty 30 (2016).


Mamrie Hart collaborated with Jessica J-Train, Erin E-Bomb and McCarson to form a band named Cudzoo and Faggettes. The band is famous for its humorous, innuendo-laden lyrical work and live shows. The trademark of Cudzoo and Faggettes is their own style of performance with a classic blend of vintage rock and dirty doo woop. The band usually performs in New York City and has launched two albums “The Prettiest Girls with the Filthiest Mouths (2009) and “Daddy Issues (2012)” which includes hit singles like “New York Girls” and “Daddy Issues”.

Mamrie’s YouTube career began with a channel called “You Deserve A Drink” on March 13 2011. This channel contains weekly videos regarding instructional cocktail or mixology with an unique cocktail presented in each video, where she combines her performing skills with her bar tending experience. As her cocktails her videos to boast a mixture of sexual innuendo, numerous puns, pop culture references, the highlight being making a drink for the celebrity she feels deserves a drink.

Mamrie has joined forces with a lot of YouTubers such Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, Flula Borg and Hannah Hart. She continues to join other YouTube stars in their videos.

Mamrie has a second YouTube channel called “Mametown”(May 7 2013) where she uploads exclusive videos that array from vlogging, wacky characters and not to forget introducing her dog Beanz Hart. Hart and Grace Helbig have a launched two seasons of their travel web show “Hey USA” on their YouTube channel “Astronauts Wanted” which was later posted on the digital platform The Scene. Hart has written and performed for Upright Citizens Brigade a comedy group from Chicago. In 2012, she with Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig put up a live variety show called “#NoFilter”.

Apart from being a YouTube star she has also done many T.V. commercials. She was a part of YouTube Comedy Week Program which started on May 19 2013. Mamrie has appeared on various T.V. shows like “Don’t Trust The B- in the Apartment 23”, “General College” and “The Grace Helbig Show”. She also has 5 appearances in Comedy Central’s quiz show “@midnight with Chris Hardwick”. Hart has acted in two films namely Camp Takota and Dirty 30 which she has co-written and co-produced.

Education: Mamrie completed her High School Education in Bonneville North Carolina. She is well educated, completing her Bachelor’s Of Arts in theatre from UNC-Chapel Hill. Upon completing her graduation she moved to New York City to pursue her talent of acting.

Net Worth of Mamrie Hart

Mamrie Hart’s net worth is $1.2 Million, which has considerably increased from $500,000 in 2014 and $750,000 in 2015. Her huge success as a comedian has contributed to her growth. Hart’s YouTube channel You Deserve A Drink has earned her amazing name and fame throughout the globe.

Mamrie moved from her house in New York to one in Los Angeles, California. Apart from that little is known about her assets, cars and other possible investments.

Mamrie Hart’s business model is very simple. She does everything her talent can allow her to do. Due to her hard work, her net worth has also grown rapidly. Apart from being a comic performer she is a writer, producer and also an actor. Hart’s collaboration with many other YouTube stars has also made her quite popular. Mamrie’s presence is not only limited to her YouTube channel.

She has done many a number of TV commercials and has also been seen on various T.V. shows which have added to her popularity. Recently she also signed a book deal with Plume Books in January 2014 titled You Deserve A Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery. The book was released on 26 May 2015.

Mamrie’s book You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery is now a New York Times Best Seller. She also has one of the highest rated YouTube channel in her field of performance. Mamrie says she is now moving slowly in terms of her projects and work and will not be seen doing very much on the screen. But quality and good work will be coming towards her fans and audience.

With $300 in her pocket when Mamrie first came into New York to now being a millionaire, she has come a long way. Doing bartending as a job in her early days and then moving into setting up her own YouTube channel with more than a million followers. She is here to stay and continue to make her audience laugh with her wonderful performance.