Maite Perroni Net Worth

Who is Maite Perroni and what is her net worth 2018? Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni was born in 1983 in Mexico City. She gained worldwide popularity as a member of group RBD and because of her main roles in telenovelas. She was only eleven months old when her family moved to Guadalajara in Mexico. Her father was transferred because of his job, and they lived there more than ten years. She has two brothers, Adolfo and Francisco, and she studied acting in CEA (Televisa’s Centro de Education Artistica) in 2000. She completed two years only.

Maite Perroni Beverage made her debut as an actress in teen series Rebelde, where she portrayed girl from a humble family who gets the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious schools in Mexico City. She was a member of popular band RBD that was formed during the series because of its worldwide popularity and became a phenomenon all around the world.

Maite Perroni Net Worth 2018-2019

After 2012, when RBD was over she starred in different Mexican soap operas and parallel with that she released new songs and soundtracks. Eclipse de Luna, her debut album, became one of the most rated and popular debut albums in Mexico. In 2016, she released her second album that focused on urban and pop music.

Maite Perroni Net Worth

Maite Perroni overall net worth is approximate $9.5 million. She earned most of her net because of her career as an actress and singer, and also she is known as a songwriter and model. She became famous through her roles in soap operas, such as Rebelde, La Gata, and Mi Pecado. All these series and soap operas not only made her popular but increased her net worth. She became known worldwide because of her music career in RBD that received a nomination for a Latin Grammy Award. She was named as the best actress of the year in 2009 and audience call her queen of telenovelas.

When she signed a contract with Warner Music Group she began to get more popularity and after her album was released it landed in the 3rd place on main charts. The sales of her debut album were one of the factors of her net worth.

However, maybe of the greatest factors and reasons for her wealth was playing a role of a teenage girl in telenovela Rebelde where she appeared in 440 episodes that ran in the period of 2004-2006.

In 2008 she appeared in “Cuidado con el angel” next to an actor William Levy. The show was famous all over the world, like Rebelde. Afterward, she got her second leading role in soap opera “Mi Pecado”. All these shows increased her overall net worth.

Career: When Maite Perroni became a member of RBD, they were a sensation in Mexico and all around the world. It was estimated that Rebelde was one of the most-watched telenovelas of all times. Until now, RBD made 9 albums, including versions in Portuguese, Spanish and English. They have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide and embarked on international tours all around Latin America and Europe.

When she signed with Warner Bros her career went into a more success. The album called Eclipse de Luna was one of the best-selling albums of the year, and that was the reason she wanted to succeed in America, too. She released on July 14, 2016, her first single from the second solo album. It was expected that new album will be released soon.

Her mother died from cancer and that was the reason she wanted to use her popularity as a medium in order to educate the public. With hair care brand Pantene she teamed up and on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she donated money and her for those who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. The reason for this was an idea to encourage women all around the world to fight.

Maite Perroni was ten years ago one of the most famous teenagers all over the world. That fame changed her way and, of course, her net worth. Even though she was mostly popular in Latin America and Europe, her main goal is to conquer America with her personality, charisma and beautiful voice.