Loni Anderson Net Worth 2018

Who is Loni Anderson and what is her net worth 2018? Loni Anderson (full name-Loni Kaye Anderson) is an experienced and well-known American actress. Loni Anderson was born on August 5, 1946 in Saint Paul, situated in Minnesota and was initially brought up in suburban Roseville as the daughter of Maxine Hazel, who worked as a model, and Klaydon Carl Anderson, who is an environmental chemist.

Anderson is recognised for her four-year run as receptionist acted as Jennifer Marlowe on the sitcom named WKRP in Cincinnati. She has specified in her autobiography entitled My Life in High Heels that her father was previously going to call her “Leiloni” but then recognised to his fear that when she entered into teenage years it was credible to be perverted into “Lay Loni.” Because of such reasons, Anderson’s name was altered to just “Loni”.

Loni Anderson Net Worth


Anderson’s acting debut started with a minor role played in the year 1966 film entitled Nevada Smith, which featured actor- Steve McQueen along with her. After playing the role, Anderson was jobless as an actress for approximately a decade, before she lastly started attaining guest roles on few episodic television shows in the era of 1970’s.

In year 1978, she was guest-starred as role of Susan Walters on second season episode of the famous sitcom entitled Three’s Company wherein she performed well. Anderson’s appearance on the show drew attention of the prestigious ABC network that offered her some roles. In the era of mid-to-late 1980’s, Loni Anderson’s acting career slowly weakened; however, she soon regained her stardom and fame.

Loni Anderson got married four times; first time to Bruce Hasselberg, next to Ross Bickell, and then to actor Burt Reynolds. In year 2008, Anderson finally got married to musician named Bob Flick, who is one of the establishing associates of the folk band entitled The Brothers Four.

Education: Being a senior at school-Alexander Ramsey Senior High School in Roseville in year 1963, Anderson was preferred as Valentine Queen of Valentine’s Day Winter event as part of activity during her school days. Loni Anderson also gained education at the University of Minnesota after completing her schooling.

Net Worth of Loni Anderson

The estimated total net worth of Loni Anderson is around $13.2 million. The earnings of Loni Anderson a have been grossed from her acting as different roles in many films, her brand endorsements, business deals, etc. Anderson’s breakthrough role arrived in year 1978 when she started performing in the famous TV series entitled WKRP in Cincinnati describing the character of Jennifer Marlowe. For the consistent role Anderson grossed the salary of $20,000 per episode, adding to her net-worth.

Loni Anderson and his husband Bob Flick lives happily together at a house in Hollywood, California. Loni Anderson’s acquired her first luxurious car which was a 1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible in brown which she got as Miss Roseville. Anderson’s next collection of car was a 1969 Mustang Grande hardtop made in Indian Fire Bronze and she also owns a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

While growing up with parents who both did smoking, Loni Anderson observed the influences of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (briefly as COPD), which is actually a lung sickness frequently produced by smoking. In year 1999, Ruane Communications approached her and held Anderson as the leading spokesperson for COPD, successively a national COPD education campaign, supported by Boehringer Ingelheim, who is a creator of Combivent, a breath conduct for COPD.

In the period of next six years, Anderson and medical representative named Dr. Dennis Doherty managed a national COPD education campaign together with Ruane Communications. They all combined visited 26 cities and making increased media coverage than any other COPD campaign can do till date

This CBS sitcom legend, who is finest recognised for role WKRP in Cincinnati, is returning back into the small screen role to feature on the upcoming June 22 chapter of the Freeform comedy entitled Baby Daddy with her high-class photos released.

Loni Anderson is renowned actress for her voluptuous figure, blonde hair, and deep hot voice from US. Anderson gained popularity for starring the role of receptionist Jennifer Marlowe in the TV series entitled WKRP in film named Cincinnati.