Liliana Rodríguez Morillo Net Worth

Who is Liliana Rodríguez Morillo and what is her net worth 2018? Liliana Rodriguez Morillo is well known in the soap opera industry as a celebrity actress with a promising future. Her acting role in Panchita on Gata Salvaje (Wild cat) threw her into the entertainment industry’s spotlight. This propelled her to earn a role as one of the main cast members with WE TV reality show known as My Life is a Telenovela. This role gave her an opportunity to increase her ratings and improve her popularity even more.

Liliana is not only known for her charm and beauty, but also for her creativity. This is true because most of her songs and acting stints are widely acclaimed. She was born on April 23, 1967, to singer and actress Lila Morillo and Jose Luis Rodriguez in Caracas, Venezuela.

Liliana Rodríguez Morillo Net Worth 2018-2019

She comes from a family of singers and entertainers and this is perhaps why she chose to enter the entertainment industry. She began her career playing salsa with her debut album which was known as Liliana: A todo dar in 1998. This song was recognised as the first of its kind that featured the tropical version of the song known as A that you do not tell.

Liliana Rodríguez Morillo Net Worth

Liliana’s net worth is estimated to be about $450 thousand. This estimation is bound to adjust upwards as she is currently preparing to enter the reality TV show business. Compared to many celebrities of her times, Liliana seems to be on the right track in relation to making it big in the entertainment industry.

She is destined for greater things to come given her increasing popularity. In this industry, the net worth of a celebrity is greatly determined by his/her popularity. By normal standards, she is regarded as rich but she does not show off her wealth given her inexpensive lifestyle. She is not known to drive flashy cars neither does she own big and luxurious houses.

Liliana has featured in many shows and plays and her roles in those films have been profound. Among the films that she has featured in include the Gata Salvaje which was filmed in 2002, the protagonists de la Fama VIP, which was produced in 2004, and the Mundo de fieras, which was released in 1991. The Gata Salvaje soap opera is a comedy that brings out excitement and originality in the characters.

In this soap opera, Liliana plays the role of villain, a comic relief character who turns good as the plot continues. She performs the role of a servant in the Arismendi mansion together with her ex-accomplices like Eva, Camelia, and Edward. This soap opera was a widely acclaimed telenovela that set a record in the Spanish language television for being the first of its kind to be filmed in the United States and Mexico.

Liliana is known as an individual who cherishes family life. She was actively involved in family matters when her grandmother, Ana Morillo, died. Many news media showed pictures of her cuddling with her grandmother during better times. It was reported in the media about how close she was to her grandmother and how her loss left a deep void in her. Although Liliana was raised in a family of divorced parents, she nevertheless, never stopped engaging with both her parents. Her relationship with her father was, however, not that rosy.

She had to be separated from her father for many years and it was only when her father got unwell that Liliana tried to make up with him. Liliana has one sister, Lilibeth Morillo, and a half-sister, Genesis Rodriguez. Liliana’s sister, Lilibeth Morillo, is also well known in the entertainment industry as a telenovela actress. She is Liliana’s best friend and the two get along well with each other. She grew up into her career as a singer, actor, and presenter.

She is known to be temperamental, and can only be put in check by Liliana. It is often said that Liliana is not in good terms with her stepmother Carolina and that she blames her for the divorce of her parents. The Morillo family is somewhat separated and Liliana only gets familial comfort from her sister Lilibeth Morillo.

Overall, she has been a dynamic celebrity with a fantastic career. She has a great fan following in both Mexico and the United States as well as around the world.