Lakshmi Manchu Net Worth

Who is Lakshmi Manchu and what is her net worth 2018? Lakshmi Manchu is a well-known actress who comes from the Southern part of India. She is famous for her role in Telugu films as well as some appearances made in various series and TV shows in America and some popular commercials.

Lakshmi was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India on the 8th of October in the year 1977. She was the only daughter that her father had with his first wife. Her father, Mohan Babu, was also an actor and this influenced Lakshmi to have an interest in acting right from an early age. She has two brothers, Manoj Manchu and Vishnu Manchu and both of them like their sister took interest and are now actors.

Lakshmi Manchu Net Worth

Lakshmi got married to her college sweetheart however, they got divorced within months and it is believed that it was due to religious reasons. She then got married to businessman Andy Srinivasan in August 2006 with whom they had a daughter named Vidya Nivarna.

Apart from being an actor, Lakshmi is also a TV host and a producer as well as director.

With her key interest in acting, Lakshmi studied Theatre and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Oklahoma City University after which she proceeded to USC for further studies where she studied film production. Later she went to the Beverly Hills Playhouse for further training.

Lakshmi Manchu Net Worth

Apart from the film production companies, Lakshmi has various assets which contribute to her net worth. She has an amazing house which symbolises her status in the society. The lavish house not only has enough room to accommodate her family but it also has a playroom for her daughter and well-furnished and arranged rooms. Apart from this, the Manchu family has a palatial home which Lakshmi’s father acquired last year and it is reported to sit on almost 10 acres of land. Her net worth is approximated to be around $1.4 million.

Apart from acting and being a show host, Lakshmi has various other avenues through which she makes money. Together with her father Dr. Mohan Babu, she co-owns a film production company that is known as Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures which has produced major films that became hits such as Alludu Garu, Assembly Rowdy and Major Chandrakanth Pedarayudu amongst others.

She also established Manchu Entertainment which is a film production company with the headquarters in Hyderabad, India. This company has produced various films such as Dongata in 2015 and Gundello Godari in 2013. It has also produced for T.V, producing Prematho Mee Lakshmi show in the year 2011.

Lakshmi has featured in various films, TV shows, and advertisements. Some of her well-known films include Dongaata and Budugu in the year 2015, Chandamama Kathalu in 2014, Gundello Godari in 2013, Dongala Mutha and Anaganaga O Dheeredu in 2011 amongst others. In the film Perfect Lives, Lakshmi was not only an actor but producer and director as well and the short film was shown at the Wilshire Fine Arts Theatre during the La Femme Film festival in the year 2006. Lakshmi features in both Hindi and English films.

She has appeared in various TV series including Las Vegas playing a minor role. She has also appeared in Late Nights with my Lover, Desperate Housewives, and Mystery ER. In terms of advertisements, Lakshmi has appeared in commercials for AARP, Chevrolet, and Toyota.

Due to her acting prowess, Lakshmi has won various awards such as the Nandi Award for being the best villain in the 2011 film Anaganaga O Dheerudu and the Filmfare Awards for being the best-supporting actress in 2013 for the film Gundello and in 2014 for the film Chandamama Kathalu. The film Anaganaga O Dheerudu further won her two awards, The Hyderabad Times Film Awards in 2011 as the Best Actor in a Negative role and in 2012 it won her an Oscar Award as the Best Supporting Actress.

Lakshmi Manchu is a prominent actress who has not only made a name for herself in India but in America as well. Born in India but educated abroad, she took interest in acting when she was just 4 years old, taking interest in her father’s work who was also an actor.

She studies Theatre in University and has gone on to establish a film production company apart from the one she co-owns with her father. Her family is considered an acting family because even her two brothers are actors. The popular actress is married and has one daughter whom she got through a surrogate.