Kristen Bell Net Worth

In the field of acting and singing, we have got one more beautiful celebrity none other than Kristen Bell, an actress and singer from America. The celebrity started her career in acting featuring herself in stage productions. Details of net worth of Kristen Bell along with her career details can be obtained by reading below:

Kristen Bell Biography

Kristen Bell is presently 37-years-old actress and singer from Michigan. It is known that her mother is a registered nurse, while her father serves as the tv news director for CBS Television. Moreover, her parents got separated when Bell was just two years old, and the celeb has two half-sisters belonging from second marriage of her father. She too has two stepbrothers as well as two stepsisters from second marriage of her mother. It is found that her mother belonged to Polish based origin while her father possesses Scottish, German, and Irish origin.

Kristen Bell Net Worth 2017-2018

Just prior to her freshman year in her high school, her parents made decision to drag her from the public based school mechanism. Later she appeared at another high school located adjacent to Royal Oak, the place where she participated in the drama as well as music club. Throughout her time spent at the school, she received the starring character in the 1997 production of The Wizard of Oz of school. Moreover, she too made appearances in productions of Lady Be Good, Fiddler on the Roof, and Li’l Abner. Immediately after completing her graduation from high school, Bell relocated to New York in order to attend a school of arts.

It was in year 1992 that Bell worked on her leading audition as well as received a dual role as a tree and a banana in a residential theatre based production of Raggedy Ann and Andy. In year 2001, Bell left the university she was attending in order to play a character as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In the same year, she created her accredited film debut in film-Pootie Tang. Furthermore, she did auditions for the famous television series entitled as Smallville for the character of Chloe Sullivan, ultimately won by Allison Mack. Later in year 2004, Bell made appearance in the television film entitled Gracie’s Choice, which attained one of the highest ratings on network presently.

Apart from that she also made her debut in a theatrical based released film in role of Laura Newton, who is actually the abducted daughter, acting with Val Kilmer. At age of 24, she received the role of the lead character in drama entitled Veronica Mars by UPN, which was released in year 2004. It is found that Veronica Mars sustained to broadcast on UPN for second season while for the season three the particular show was transformed and reappeared on the recently made The CW. Later in year 2007, President of CW Entertainment proclaimed that while she was satisfied with the steady development of ratings of Veronica Mars, this series would be put on pause after February strokes to release a novel reality series entitled Pussycat Dolls Present.

Discussing about her personal life, in year 2007, Bell terminated a relationship with fiance named Kevin Mann Bell which was continued for five years. Later she started dating actor named Shepard, who was too a native of Detroit’s northern outskirts, in year 2007. This new couple proclaimed their engagement in year 2010 and got married in year 2013. It is found that Bell has two daughters from her marriage with him.

Kristen Bell Net worth & Income profile in 2017

Kristen Bell is essentially an American-based actress, singer, dancer, and film producer earning a high net worth of $23 million US dollars as of 2017. Moreover, after creating her debut in film entitled The Adventure of Tom Sawyer in role of Becky Thatcher, she made appearance in many movies as well as television shows, adding to her income. Bell’s appearances done on acting, singing concerts, production, etc. adds up her income.

Starting career right from year 1992 till date, Kristen Bell has sound career profile suggesting her high income.