Kirsten Storms Net Worth

Who is Kirsten Storms? What is net worth of Kirsten Storms? Hollywood is an industry where you have a lot of normal actors and voice actors. Some actors qualify on both counts. Kirsten Renee Storms is one such actor. Born on 08 April 1984 in Orlando Florida, Kirsten is a child prodigy. Her father Mike is a sportscaster at CBS. Her mother Karen, sister (Gretchen), brother (Austin) and stepbrother (Chris) complete the family.

Kirsten had a craze for acting since a very young age. She had the ambition to be on the soap opera one day. She used to pester her parents to enroll her in an acting school. She had her first commercial for Galoob baby Doll. A couple of commercials followed soon thereafter. She bagged a recurring role in ABC’s Second Noah and a lead role in Sing me a Story with Belle.

Kirsten Storms Net Worth 2017-2018

Sensing that her career could take off further, the family shifted from Florida to Los Angeles, CA. This move paid dividends because she landed the recurring portrayal of Laura Cummings in the WB soap, 7th Heaven. However, her claim to fame is the role of Zenon in the Disney Channel’s movie, Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. A couple of other movies such as The Trojan Horse, Johnny Tsunami, etc followed in quick succession.

Television beckoned her very soon. She bagged the role of Isabella ‘Belle’ Black on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. After the five-year contract expired, she moved on to Clubhouse. Her next stop was the portrayal of Maxie Jones in ABC’s General Hospital.

During this time, she fell into a relationship with her co-star Brandon Barash. Although her affair was a public one, her marriage with him was a hushed affair. She gave birth to her first child in January 2014. The couple has now split, as is common among many celebrity relationships.

Education: Not much information is available on the internet about her educational qualifications. However, considering the fact that she has been active on the scene since childhood, she might not have had the time to pursue a formal education. However, she is a successful actor with a worth of $3.5 million. Do you really need an education when you have the capacity to earn $3.5 million at the young age of 33 years?

Kirsten Storms Net Worth

The net worth of Kirsten Storms is $3.7 million US dollars as of 2017. Her major earnings are through her roles in TV and films. She does not do much of the commercials now.

Kirsten Storms Assets

Kirsten has a Toyota Prius car as well. Her fantastic figure is also an asset for her.

Kirsten Storms Business Model

This girl is an ambition one right since childhood. At the age of five, she had declared her intentions very clearly. Her ultimate aim was to appear on the soaps and not in the commercials that appear in between the soaps. However, she had her first break at the age of five years when she did the commercial for Galoob baby doll.

After acting in a couple of commercials, she had her first foray into television. When she was barely twelve years of age, she got a recurring role in WB’s 7th Heaven. The film, Zenon the Girl of the 21st Century followed soon after.

She bagged a five-year contract to feature on the NBC’s drama Days of Our Lives. Clubhouse followed immediately thereafter. General Hospital was next on the list.

She had a brush with the law as well when the California Highway Patrol arrested her for DUI (Driving under the Influence of Alcohol). She had to pay a fine as well as serve a 90-day alcohol program. This caused a rift with the producers of the series, General Hospital.

She is still active on the Hollywood scene today. She had taken maternity leave during the birth of her child. Now, with the divorce also out of the way, she can concentrate on her acting and add to her net worth.

She has done some programs supporting the American troops in Iran when her brother Austin was serving the Army.

Like many Hollywood actors who have seen fame and fortune at a young age, she has a record of bad behavior, especially when it comes to alcohol. Her arrest seems to have put the stops at least for the time being. However, she is a talented actor capable of setting the screen alight with her electrifying performances.